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New Character
Creating a New Character
To create a new character, simple go to the Character Select screen, and click the Create button.
Next, choose the class you wish your character to be.
Then, choose a name for your character.
Finally, you can choose between softcore (default) or hardcore mode. Hardcore mode means if your character dies, even once, it will not be playable any further.

You may have up to 16 characters for your account. Multiple accounts per person are not allowed! Only one account per person is allowed on d2jsp.org!
Deleting a Character
To delete a character, click it once to select it, then click the DELETE button. Finally, type DELETE in the confirmation box to confirm the deletion. All deleted characters are final, and cannot be restored.
Rerolling a Character
If you would like to reroll your character back to level 1, you can use this option. It is also handy if you wish to change classes to a different class.
To reroll your character, click it once to select it, then click the REROLL button. Finally, type REROLL in the confirmation box to reroll your character back to no class selected. This process is final and cannot be undone. Your character will retain all proficiencies and items, but lose all experience, stats, and levels.
Change Class
Changing a Character Class
After the ladder resets, you attempt a Master Quest, or after you reroll a character, your character will have No Class assigned to it. Your character is not playable in this format, and a class must be chosen before it can be played again.

To choose a class, first click your character once to select it, then click the Change Class button. Next, choose the class you wish your character to be.
Renaming a Character
If you would like to change the name of your characters you can use this feature. To rename your character first select the character you would like to rename then click the Rename button.
You will be brought to a new page that will require you to enter some information. First enter your gold password in the first box and lastly enter the new name for your character. Once this is done click the Rename Character button.
Selecting a Character
To select a character, click it once. This will highlight the character. You can then use any of the buttons at the bottom section of the screen.

To play the character, double click it, and this will take you to the main town section of the game.

If your character was created in Hardcore mode, it will display Hardcore next to your character level in the character list.

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