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Heals the listed amount of Life and/or Mana that is listed on the fish when consumed. Can be caught in the Fishing Pond. Fish can be cooked in the Devil's Kitchen to enhance their effect.

Material List: Fish
These magical items are created through the process of Glyphing. When used, a glyph will apply the stats listed on the item to your stats for the duration displayed. When the time expires, the stat bonuses will disappear from your character. Additionally, if you log out of your character for any reason, any glyphs still active will turn off.

Same stats from a Glyph cannot stack, however, you can use multiple Glyphs containing multiple various stats.

Material List: Numeral
These magical herbs can recover your life and/or mana when used.
Magical potions are a rare item that when used permanently increases the stats listed on the item for your character until it is rerolled! A reroll can occur by a manual reroll, Master Quest attempt, or Ladder Reset.

Material List: Bone
A totem is a magical object that when invoked grants you certain special rewards.

Material List: Wood
A map is a special item that when used allows you to explore a specific regional location. Each region is inhabited by specific monsters that are native to that area.

Maps have their own sets of magical stats that can spawn on them. These affect the map that is being explored.

Maps differ from the regular catacombs in a number of ways, including:
  • Specific coloring based upon the region
  • Specific monsters per region
  • No random fights or whistling, only monster encounters per unexplored square
  • No trapdoors
  • The last explored space contains a mega treasure chest that contains far more items of better quality than regular treasure chests

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