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Abilities are special attacks that charge up by various criteria that can then be discharged causing special effects.

You start with 1 ability point and gain +1 ability point for every five experience levels you gain. You can have up to three abilities per character per climb. These reset when you reroll your character or complete a Master Quest.

Abilities are divided between two main types, Weapon and Casting. They are then further divided by class. Spending points in primary class abilities will net you the best results, while classes at or below your class will result in less results, and class abilities above your class the least results. For example, you gain +20% for the first point put into a class ability, +10% for the first point put into a non-class at or below your class, and +6% for the first point put into a non-class above your class.

more detailed tutorial/explanation to come...
Weapon Abilities
AbilityDescriptionCharges onPrimary Class
PowerstrikeHits one target for a lotWeaponFighter
BottomsupHits the bottom rowWeaponFighter
TopsmashHits the top rowDamage HealedFighter
KnockdownHits any rowWeaponBarbarian
RetributionHits 1 target for a lotDamage TakenBarbarian
HealrageHits 1 target for a lotDamage HealedBarbarian
BackstabHits the back rowWeaponRogue
BackastropheHits the back two rowsOffensive CharmRogue
MultistrikeHits all enemiesWeaponSamurai
TwohitbackHits two targetsDamage TakenSamurai
RevengeHits first two columnsDamage TakenPaladin
DoublestrikeHits two targetsWeaponMonk
CrossstrikeHits enemies in a + patternWeaponMonk
PathslashHits front columnWeaponNinja
JumpattackHits any columnWeaponNinja
WildswingHits targets randomlyDamage TakenHeadhunter
SlapdashHits targets randomlyWeaponHeadhunter
XinHits enemies in an X patternDamage HealedHeadhunter
Casting Abilities
AbilityDescriptionCharges onPrimary Class
CastaboveHits top rowWeaponRogue
PiercecastHits any rowOffensive CharmMagician
PowercastHits one target for a lotOffensive CharmMagician
PillarcastHits any columnOffensive CharmMagician
FrontcastHits front columnWeaponSamurai
HolycrossHits enemies in a + patternWeaponPaladin
XcastHits enemies in an X patternWeaponMonk
BackcastHits back rowWeaponNinja
MulticastHits all enemiesOffensive CharmWarlock
DoublecastHits two targetsOffensive CharmWarlock
SapcastHits one target for a lotHeal CharmWarlock
ParaphysicalHits targets randomlyDamage TakenAlchemist
ChaosHits targets randomlyOffensive CharmAlchemist
DegenerateHits targets randomlyHeal CharmAlchemist
Healing Abilities
AbilityDescriptionCharges onPrimary Class
MultihealHeals all alliesHeal CharmGuardian
SalvationHeals one ally for a lotDamage TakenGuardian
HealtankHeals front rowWeaponGuardian
HealbackHeals back rowWeaponPaladin
Level % Charge Table
Current Class203648586672778184878991929394959696969696
Unlocked Class101927344046515559636669727476788082838485
Locked Class61217222731353943464952555860626466687072

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