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Ladder Slasher
Welcome to the Ladder Slasher shrine, a repository for information about the game.
Ladder Slasher is a free RPG game that you can play in your web browser, on your desktop or mobile device!

There are currently 65 Players Online Slashing

Bonus Event in progress for 3 days, 0 hours:
+24% Map Final Chest Quality
+90% Suffusencing Enhanced Effect
+400% Trapdoor Minimum Monster Level
+15% Experience Gained
+50% Maximum Room Size
+18% to Experience Cap
Bdan Reset Sc Ladder by Kevin
on Dec 16 2021 05:38pm
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 34!
Carny Reset Sc Ladder by njaguar
on Dec 8 2021 07:30am
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 33!
Andrea94 Reset Sc Ladder by Kevin
on Sep 9 2021 12:05pm
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 32!
v1.32.1 Released! by njaguar
on Jul 21 2021 06:53am

This is a quick patch update to fix a few things and add one thing that's been requested for some time.

Make sure you refresh to get the latest version, which should show as v1.32.1 title and bottom right of the login screen.


v1.32.1 Release Notes:
  • Redesigned/fixed Ladder and Logout icons (Oct 22 2020)
  • Various css tweaks and cleanups (Oct 23 2020)
  • Max Characters is now restricted to 8 per core (max total: 16) (Feb 22 2021)
  • The Shrine now has an item drop box and a Sacrifice button instead of a drop with no confirmation (Jul 16 2021)
  • Fixed a bug that could allow a character that was just rerolled to be immediately selected (Jul 21 2021)
  • Fixed quick-bar items being sized incorrectly (Jul 21 2021)
  • Fixed a bug where items on rerolled characters were not loading under some conditions (Jul 21 2021)
  • No Maze No More will now spawn ~50% faster/easier (Jul 23 2021)
  • No Maze No More spawn is now random from 2 to 9 waves (Jul 23 2021)
  • No Maze No More now requires a minimum of 3 people in a group (Jul 24 2021)
  • Elemental Education will now spawn ~33% faster/easier (Jul 24 2021)
NR1 Reset Sc Ladder by njaguar
on May 17 2021 04:16pm
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 31!
Unknownx Reset Sc Ladder by njaguar
on Jan 21 2021 04:40pm
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 30!
Tor_zero Reset Hardcore ! by njaguar
on Jan 20 2021 05:37pm
Congrats to for resetting the hardcore ladder! Welcome to hardcore season 5!
v1.32.1 Released! by njaguar
on Oct 19 2020 06:57am

It's been one week since the release of the beta server for v1.32. Thank you to all of you who helped test and flesh out some bugs before we went live. We were able to fix a few bugs as well as one that could have caused a few headaches. Due to the success of the beta server we are now officially launching v1.32 to the live server.

Quick recap on what v1.32 brings:
  • Your game state is saved even if you disconnect. You will resume where you left off once you reconnect.
  • You will automatically reconnect when disconnected (except if you re-login to override a previous connection)
  • You can use this to switch between devices on the fly, pc -> mobile, mobile -> pc.
  • More details from the beta can be found here: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=84090121&f=272

Full Release Notes:

New Features:
  • Characters are now cached server side for 2 hours after a disconnect*
    • What does this mean?
    • Your map progress in the catacombs is saved so that when you reconnect you are exactly where you left off
    • Any glyphs you have on your character will remain. Their effective counters will remain counting down, they will not pause while you're reconnecting
    • If you are attempting the Master Quest and you get disconnected in the middle when you reconnect your progress will be saved. (You passed the first door and got disconnected, when you reconnect you will be able to attempt the second door)
    • Switch between devices on the fly without any penalty. While in a group if you need to step away from the computer you can easily login with your phone and you are exactly where you were on your desktop
    • You will visually be able to see when a player in your group has been disconnected, their name will show as red with a line through their character name

  • Potions can now be used on other players
  • If you are in game when one of your market items sells, you will now receive a notification about it and your forum gold will update accordingly
  • All skilled items now show the results in the skill window
  • +Experience is now shown after skilling
  • Skilling finished page redesigned to show proficiency, experience, and the new item within the window
  • Server now returns a message stating you have an incorrect version if connecting from an older version of the game rather than just disconnecting

  • Editing an item's cost or refreshing the listing time now refreshes the sell tab
  • Creating a character now also automatically selects it when completes
  • Made some optimizations to the way items are created that will result in faster item pickups, created skilling items, etc.
  • Auto item stacking will now only occur on skilled items, not when buying, withdrawing, or selecting a character
  • Vault Transfer Id now saves on change rather than clicking the transfer button, so you can properly clear it out if you desire
  • Vault can no longer be opened while in the middle of skilling, as it cannot be used at the same time anyway
  • Time remaining on glyphs/emblems should now always show as a whole number

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing only 1 EP to spawn when easy mode was set and a character leveled past 71
  • Hide Maze Arrows saved setting now properly loads upon page refresh
  • Fixed an image overlay issue on the vault transfer item slot
  • /find command now properly opens Group -> Find Players window/tab
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing a different character to be selected if you first selected a rerolled one but didn't actually select a class for it
  • Monsters that move now properly animate to their new position again rather than teleporting
  • Sound volume is no longer set at the character list if it was already set
  • Group List Search will no longer trigger a flood control error at character select when groups already exist
  • Made a few more mobile tweaks and updates
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly enabling regen while fishing in a catacombs well
  • A rare timing glitch that would not fully clear the ladder list between tab selections should now be resolved
  • Mobile Bug fix: More conditions that may have caused improper screen sizing should now be resolved

If you missed it, be sure to check out the v1.31 release! It was a big one!

*Note: This may be increased or decreased as needed without notice

Thanks everyone, and enjoy!
v1.31.0 Released! by njaguar
on Sep 28 2020 06:51am

Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce v1.31 of Ladder Slasher. It's been six years since the last complete client rewrite when we switched from Flash to HTML5. When I initially did that rewrite it was intended only to be a proof of concept, but it ended up working so well that it stuck with us for much longer. I've finally gotten around to doing a full client rewrite to better facilitate current and future updates as well as planned features and changes. Below are some brief highlights of the new things in v1.31, and then the full summary. Just like last time, this isn't an exhaustive description of every change, but I did put good effort in to document the changes as I progressed, though I'm sure there are a few things you'll notice that were not mentioned.

Huge thanks to and for their help testing, ideas, and feedback during this process!
Updated tool tips and inventory:
You will notice you don't see the use or trash icons. They will appear once you select/drag an item. This is in addition to the new tool tips which highlight the equipped item.

Completely redesigned and updated market:
Updated the market search, display fg cost on items as well as the tool tips now show the end time.

New expired market items display!
Expired market items now show as expired if they are no longer listed.

Even more immersive game play and new monster effects!
The maze is always visible and more monster abilities now display providing a more immersive game play.

Customize your vault!
You can now customize your vault deposit slots with custom names.

Tabs for the Log Window!
There are now tabs to help organize in game messages.

Full summary of changes:
New Features:
  • You can now Suffusence an essence with a quantity of 2 or more by itself to combine two of them into a single essence that is +1 magic level of the original stack
  • Window locations and sizes will now save between sessions provided that your screen size is exactly the same as when you saved the window positions
  • Heavy weapons can now be re-rolled via transmuting at the cost of two essences
  • Market search now uses client-side loading to automatically load and obey flood control
  • The Ladder window now uses client-side loading to automatically load and obey flood control when changing between different ladders or categories
  • Vault searches now uses client-side loading to automatically load and obey flood control
  • You can now restart the listing time of an item on the market by dragging the item to the item box on the sell tab and leaving cost the same, and clicking the Edit Item button.
    With this feature, you can list an item at any cost, pay the fee upfront (if applicable), then as long as you refresh the item before it expires only have to pay that fee once! You can also continue to drop the price, if you desire, with each edit automatically re-extending the listing duration.
    * Ladder reset still expires all items. Items that expired have to be taken to your inventory then relisted with any applicable fees paid again, as usual.
  • You can now drag a market/vault item or equipment onto an equipment or item slot to take that item to your inventory. Previously you could only take them by dropping them to an equipment slot regardless of the item type
  • A Vault Categories tab has been added to Settings allowing you to change the labels of the vault categories. Note: This is a per device saved setting
  • Added Log window tabs for better sorting and filtering of in game messages
  • Chat Log window text can now be highlighted and copied with a right click -> copy
  • You can now highlight text and right click -> copy on all text boxes, including chat
  • Equipped Items now have an orange Equipped tag at the top, also when comparing to other items
  • Market items now show when they will expire/end
  • Editing the cost of an item on the market now restarts the time on market
  • Market items can now be removed immediately after a ladder reset instead of having to wait the 24 hours
  • Glyphs/totems now show time remaining as Ends In like market items
  • Group settings can now be edited by the leader after group creation
  • Combat: When life is stolen, the connecting line will be red
  • Combat: When damage return activates for a loss of life to the attacker, the connecting line will be slightly dashed
  • Physical/Magic damage reduce effects on monsters has been updated
  • The following new monster abilities now display visually:
    • Life Steal buff
    • Elemental Mastery buff

  • The Stats window has been redesigned so that it now shows heal for heal charms and damage otherwise
  • The Market was completely redesigned
  • Your Forum Gold amount will now always show with two decimals places
  • Server now responds with a flood control warning message when using Find Players too quickly
  • Drops resize icon changed to be a more fluid design with the window
  • Leveling up now updates the stat window if it is currently open
  • Wells now display as a circle on the mini-map
  • Maze background display persists while in catacombs, rather than hiding during combat and other conditions
  • Group leader's name is now prefixed with a crown
  • Market items near to expiring will show as Soon, and expired items in your Sell tab will show as Expired if they are no longer listed
  • Adding an item for sale now refreshes your items for sale list so you can see that it succeeded

  • Mobile UI/design underwent an overhaul and much redesigning/rewriting + fixes
  • All popup windows have a consistent width for usage
  • Item selection and usage should be more reliable
  • Fixed the bug where opening the chat window caused the top portion of the screen to be inaccessible

  • Monster encounter chance while changing directions has been greatly reduced
  • Whole numbers only allowed on market item sales >= 100fg
  • Demonog now has a new ability
  • Server no longer purges item claimed in a group where the only claimer left the group before item was distributed, so it can be claimed later by another player still in the group
  • Vault Withdraw search now functions like the market when not specifying max Level or Magic values; it will assume the maximum value when maximum is not specified rather than maximum = minimum

Bug Fixes & Optimizations:
  • Fixed a bug in the server code that might have been the culprit behind the nearly always crash @ ladder reset
  • Client code cleanups and optimizations on ability code, monsters, character code, groups and items
  • Market window no longer moves position on sell/transfer tabs
  • It is no longer possible to select a charm slot that does not have a charm equipped as your attack type
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the new ability for Misticle and Glyger to not work properly
  • Fixed some edge cases with item drop pickup (user clicking item, then logging out or refreshing their page, continuous negative countdown timer as a result, etc)
  • Fixed a bug when doing the master quest while in a group that produced a short visual error
  • Fixed a harmless bug where some elements were not being cleaned up/removed when leaving a group
  • Fixed a rare edge-case bug where a well or trapdoor would not show up on the mini-map
  • All draggable objects (popup windows, items, keys) can no longer be dragged offscreen, but are constrained to the viewable area
  • Fixed an issue where it would under certain circumstances incorrectly show you and someone else as the leader of a group after joining another group
  • Fixed a bug where emblems or glyphs placed on you with life/mana regen or jubilance were not properly reflected during in town regeneration
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to popup window focus/refocus, such as having to double click password field in market, auto scroll to top lists, etc
  • Hotkeys will now only function after a character is selected, not at login or character select screen
  • All popups now properly close after Master Quest
  • Fixed some rare instances where when using the last item in a stack in skilling it would show up incorrectly in a skill window item slot

Congrats Chestk On Reset! by njaguar
on Sep 17 2020 01:41pm
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 29!
Pick Reset The Softcore Ladder by njaguar
on Aug 8 2020 01:01pm
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 28!
v1.30.9 Released! by njaguar
on Jun 23 2020 12:04pm
There are a couple big changes in this version that I am trying out. Some of this might be reverted depending on how it goes, but for now, enjoy!

v1.30.9 release notes:
  • Made a few more internal variables dynamically configurable (Jun 9 2020)
  • Transmuting an Item + Essence to reroll the item is now instant, and does not require any proficiency in transmuting (Jun 9 2020)
  • Settings - General Settings tab rewritten to not use static positioning (Jun 10 2020)
  • Changed Settings - General Settings input boxes to be numeric only (Jun 10 2020)
  • Changed Settings - General Settings input boxes changed to be more uniformly sized (Jun 10 2020)
  • Settings - Keyboard Config tab rewritten to not use static positioning (Jun 10 2020)
  • Changed Settings - General Settings input boxes now have minimum and maximum ranges (Jun 10 2020)
  • Inventory tabs and switching are hidden and no longer occur on desktop. It will always show full inventory. Only mobile shows different inventory modes. (Jun 10 2020)
  • Added an "all maps" filter option to the marketplace under Items -> Sub Types (Jun 10 2020)
  • All skill proficiencies used at a level lower than your current rank now have a diminishing return chance to still gain proficiency points (Jun 11 2020)
  • Sproutiger has a new base bonus stat (Jun 16 2020)
  • Misticle has a new base bonus stat (Jun 16 2020)
  • Wrizard has a preset charm and new base bonus stat (Jun 16 2020)
  • Scorparcher has a new ability (Jun 16 2020)
  • Rawrgoyle has a new ability (Jun 16 2020)
  • Mantrap has a new ability (Jun 16 2020)
  • Needleback has a new ability (Jun 16 2020)
  • Glyger has a new base bonus stat (Jun 16 2020)
  • Vault withdraw filter for Items -> all maps now functions properly (Jul 31 2020)
  • Disable Item Compare setting now loads the saved setting (Aug 17 2020)

Thanks to for testing!

*A note regarding instant item rerolling; there is a small % chance that it will fail and you will lose your base item, much the same as failures can occur while transmuting, glyphing, etc.
NR1 Reset The Softcore Ladder! by njaguar
on Feb 9 2020 08:10am
Congrats to NR1 for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 27!
v1.30.9 Released! by njaguar
on Sep 28 2019 06:07am
  • New Event possibility: +Evil Well Longevity (Sep 16 2019)
  • Changed fishing rods to not break when you disconnect, but instead just abort the fishing (Sep 27 2019)
  • Changed fishing failure to decrease durability on a rod (if applicable), and break if durability is <= 0 (Sep 27 2019)
  • New Event possibility: More Enigmatic Emblems (Sep 28 2019)
  • Trapdoor events should no longer spawn conflicting values (Nov 11 2019)
  • New Event possibility: + Magic Luck Effectiveness (Nov 18 2019)
  • Ladder Slasher: Fixed a rare condition where random event mods could be rolled more than once (Jan 13 2019)

  • Trapdoors are now clickable to descend if you are a class that can detect them. (Apr 30 2020)

Thanks to ^NR1 for helping test!
TiM Reset The SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Apr 13 2019 05:00pm
Congrats to TiM for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 26!
arxyn Reset The SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Oct 10 2018 06:57pm
Congrats to arxyn for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 25!
v1.30.9 Released! by njaguar
on Aug 19 2018 03:21pm
Hi All!

Another complete rewrite of the core, and more features added. We had some initial pains at release, but most of them should be worked out now. I'll continue to monitor and fix things as needed. Thanks to all who helped test and report bugs.

v1.30.5 and v1.30.6 release notes:
  • Vault Expand Box forum gold amount is now updated properly when renewing a vault subscription (Aug 1 2018)
  • Fixed Sneaky objective bug where certain physical defense buff monsters would let you do physical damage while the buff was activated (Aug 1 2018)
  • Boss mobs spawned as Kangarel will no longer flee (Aug 10 2018)
  • Attack speed calculations based upon stats should be fixed (Aug 10 2018)
  • Treasure chests now have a chance to spawn higher tiers than your level (Aug 10 2018)
  • Tweaked the requirements for the Stop the Seven Shamans objective to spawn (Aug 11 2018)
  • Using items now works off your attack timer delay. Example: Cannot eat fish while paralyzed. (Aug 12 2018)
  • Using an item on someone else is now based on your attack timer, not the other players (Aug 12 2018)
  • All starting (feeder) classes now have one less door at the Master Quest (Aug 13 2018)
  • Client: Fixed a bug where under some conditions using a map would error and get stuck on the cursor. It now properly displays the error message associated with the action. (Aug 14 2018)
  • All skills can now earn more proficiency per attempt (Aug 13 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where stacking items with Enhanced Effect did not properly average the amount of the two items (Aug 14 2018)
  • All players in a group will now receive credit and rewards for completing objectives regardless of where they are located (Aug 15 2018)
  • Fixed a bug that made Ambush! unspawnable (Aug 15 2018)
  • Added Enigmatic Emblems
    • These mysterious objects appear in the catacombs. When activated, they will bestow upon your group mysterious and random effects.
    • At present, only one effect is implemented, but many more are planned for future updates.

  • Experience gain for solo and 2 person groups has been greatly improved (Aug 16 2018)
  • Removed incremental hidden class experience penalty for Samurai and above (Aug 16 2018)
  • Master Quest level for Samurai and above is now +2 per class. Samurai is level 73, Alchemist is level 85. This ratio matches the old hidden experience penalty. (Aug 16 2018)
  • Proficiency penalty on death is now working again (Aug 17 2018)
  • Client: Numerous CSS fixes (Aug 17 2018)
  • Client: Temporary popup optimizations made (damage, text, etc) (Aug 17 2018)
  • Enigmatic Emblems should be a bit more stable on the client side now (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed monster positioning of monsters that teleport, move, or swap positions (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed a life steal rounding calculation error (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes stack two glyphs with the same stat(s) (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed two vault bugs with incorrect date/day times when reopening a vault or guild vault (Aug 24 2018)
  • Fixed a rare bug where spawning in a corner of a map with four corners activated would crash the server (Aug 25 2018)
  • Vault Expand Box forum gold amount is now updated properly when renewing a vault subscription -- fixed again in second rewrite (Aug 27 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where a vault item count could get out of sync when transferring to a guild member's vault (Aug 28 2018)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Tier 14 items from dropping (Aug 29 2018)

Some bug fixes:
  • Mobs can no longer spawn lower than the starting spawned level of the maze (Apr 18 2019)
  • Users can no longer use Ladder Slasher while under suspension (Apr 18 2019)
  • Reverted mob spawning level to be tied to the group leader (Apr 19 2019)
  • Fixed an issue where map drops might be incorrectly calculated based upon the difficulty of the catacomb explored (Apr 19 2019)
v1.30.4 Released! by njaguar
on Jul 31 2018 06:20am
Hello everyone!

After a whirlwind amount of work, both coding, and testing, this new version is now being released. It contains even more code rewriting than the client rewrite, by far, as it was a complete server port/rewrite. Huge thanks to everyone that helped test and provide bug reports and feedback! I especially want to thank RistVaLL for going above and beyond with his help testing and spearheading various groups in continued testing of specific elements. That said, there are numerous client updates in this release as well, including some long-standing bug fixes.

With most of these balancing tweaks, new players will find it considerably easier to play the game, especially up to mid-MQ point.

Since this is a complete rewrite, below is only some of the more prominent and important changes to the user side of things:
  • Ladder Slasher now supports and uses secure websockets (wss)
  • You can now edit your market item cost until the item expires instead of the previous 2 hour limit
  • Scaling of catacomb size now starts at 5x5 increasing to the same max of 40x25. This is a change from the starting size of 10x10. Scaling still reaches the maximum size around level 74/75.
  • Magic Luck can now create an "overspawn" item
  • Item drop calculations significantly overhauled to drop more for harder monsters
  • Item drop chances now carry over for each monster, to create a more eventual "guaranteed drop" algorithm
  • You can now level up from doing skills (fishing, cooking, glyphing, transmuting, suffusencing)
  • Suffusencing random click events now occur approximately 15% more often which makes this skill slightly easier to get higher values and more proficiency
  • /find players no longer returns yourself if applicable
  • Added a new command to toggle single player "easy mode": /set easy [1|0]
    • This feature determines how many monsters spawn when you are playing solo. In easy mode, only 1-2 regular monsters will spawn, and only 1 evil presence at a time. Regular mode is 1-3 monsters or evil presences. This feature is enabled by default until you complete your first Master Quest of the current season.
    • To see your current single player mode: /set easy
    • To enable: /set easy 1
    • To disable: /set easy 0
    • This does not save between character changes/logouts. You must re-issue this command as desired if you change characters or logout.

  • Abilities Twohitback, Doublestrike and Doublecast are fixed and will not hit one monster twice, but hit two targets as stated
  • Made Bits and Pieces objective easier to spawn
  • Quick Draw now decreases the next attack time by 75% (from 50%)
  • Life Steal mechanics changed and buffed as per https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79061200&f=272&p=533899834
  • Certain monsters can no longer have life stolen from them
  • Recipient Heal Mastery now adds into the bonus to the amount healed if someone else heals you
  • Jubilance now gives +Experience every time you hit a monster, calculated as roughly Jubilance * Monster Difficulty %
  • Evil Wells now have a chance to disintegrate when used and the evil monster spawn is defeated
  • Evil Presences have a higher chance to drop at least one item
  • Client: The mini-map on maps is now drawn in a darker color (near black) instead of white
  • Added a flood control error warning for actions that otherwise were silently dropped by the server before
  • Client bug fixed: When inserting a rod into the fishing rod box, then removing it (ctrl-click) and fished, the client would think it was still there and if you failed the fishing would incorrectly state your rod broke and shadow remove the item from your inventory. On refresh it was still there. Fixed, the client now correctly knows you're no longer using a fishing rod.
  • Maps can now spawn with +Evil Wells
  • Increased drop rate of heavy weapons
  • Client: Fixed a 3d maze rendering bug where the nearest front facing walls would not show up in 3 or 4 way intersections if you were facing east or west
  • Fixed a bug that would allow monsters that could double strike to double kill you
  • Azapnid now hides a little better when he uses the Illusion ability
  • Decreased Heavy Weapon attack speed from 2 seconds to 1.8 seconds
  • Client: Gold amount in upper right corner is now properly capped at two decimal places
  • Mirror Maze: The dopplegangers will now always mimic your gear
  • Level one maps now spawn the correct map size
  • Using a heal charm no longer takes up mana if the target is already fully healed
  • Increased chance for Ambush! objective to spawn
  • Market items will now be permanently deleted if not collected after 6 months
  • Added a will be deleted line on profile market items if an item is expired to indicate when it will be deleted

Thanks again to everyone that took so much time to help test this in the beta phase, especially phase 1 where we climbed to MQ in "ironman" mode. I hope you all enjoyed it, and enjoy the new release, and releases to come!

For more historical information, you can read here https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79061200&f=272 and here https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=79186498&f=272

partyplanner Reset The SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Jul 8 2018 08:01pm
Congrats to partyplanner for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 24!
v1.30.3 Released! by njaguar
on Apr 17 2018 08:54am

- Fixed a client side bug where accessory items would add bonus stats to your character that did not actually apply. (Life/Mana Regen, Jubilance [exp] bugs)
- Experience on the character stats window now updates for experience events (jubilance, monster kills, skilling, etc)
Bob888 Reset the SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Apr 6 2018 06:57pm
Congrats to Bob888 for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 23!
v1.30.3 Released! by njaguar
on Mar 21 2018 12:26pm

- Fixed cannot attack bug that would sometimes randomly occur when changing attack type (mobile and pc)
- White items can now be sold on the marketplace
- Added a few more hook points for new bonus events
Herolinda Reset the SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Nov 2 2017 06:59am
Congrats to Herolinda for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 22!
v1.30.3 Released! by njaguar
on Jul 10 2017 02:22pm
Added the following options under Settings:
- Disable Item Compare; When hovering over items, this will stop the comparison to your equipped item
- Hide Maze Arrows and Whistle Icon
PowerPrincess Reset The SC Ladder! by njaguar
on May 4 2017 06:52am
Congrats to PowerPrincess for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 21!
RiNGiSpiLeR Reset The SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Aug 22 2016 07:59am
Congrats to RiNGiSpiLeR for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 20!
themanthelegend Reset The HC Ladder! by njaguar
on Dec 18 2015 02:25pm
Congrats to themanthelegend for resetting the hardcore ladder! Welcome to hardcore season 4!
basssiej Resets The SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Aug 6 2015 06:11am
Congrats to basssiej for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 19!
wbsfoo Reset the SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Jan 30 2015 10:18am
Congrats to wbsfoo for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 18!
v1.30.3 Released! by njaguar
on Dec 1 2014 11:54am
Greetings all! I am pleased to announce the release of v1.30.0 of Ladder Slasher. This is probably the biggest update to date, with a complete client rewrite being part of it.
Below is a summary of the changes, and is not an exhaustive description of every change. If every little detailed change was documented, this document would be dozens of pages long.

(It is highly recommended that you play this version in Softcore before you try Hardcore. Some UI elements have changed compared to past versions.)

  • Game client changed from Flash to HTML5 - modern browser required
  • Almost every screen/window has had a UI redesign
  • Login has been changed to use existing browser cookies for authentication. You are no longer required to manually login to LS every time, but must only be logged in normally through the website.
  • LS is now playable on mobile phones/tablets in modern browsers
  • Use your browser zoom feature (often Ctrl-Mouse scroll wheel) to adjust zoom size of the game.
  • Added side by side item description to compare against your currently equipped weapon, armor or charm.
  • Game display while exploring maps has been changed accordingly by the map type you are exploring. Eg; Forest is green
  • Group leader is now indicated by a different character name color instead of an *
  • Ability charges are now toggle selected, either by clicking or pressing their assigned hotkey. A toggled on ability will turn red to indicate it will be used for the next attack.
Added mobile Item Selection UI as follows:
  • Tap to select and view item description, tap elsewhere on screen to unselect item.
  • Once an item is selected:
    • Tapping it again will activate (use, equip, clear) the item, depending where it is located and what it is.
    • Tapping another item while one is selected will swap the two, or try to stack them.
    • Tapping an empty slot will assign it to that spot.
    • Tapping the use button, trash can, shrine statue, well, etc, will use the item in the location you touch.
New Features/commands:
  • Added a new feature and hotkey T to Whistle for monsters to find monsters without moving in catacombs. Note: Map monsters do not respond to whistles. Only the group leader can whistle for monsters.
  • Added /whistle LEVEL command to set your whistle level. Note that you can only set this between 1 and your character level.
  • New Map Mod added: Stealth % -- Gives % chance to surprise monsters and get first attack(s)
  • Added Auto Hold Attack feature that is enabled by default. When you click a monster to attack, it will continue to attack until the monster dies, or you choose another target. This is identical to click and hold, except you no longer have to hold the mouse down (or press and hold on mobile).
  • You can now configure how many Quick Slot Items are displayed in the top bar in the settings page (0 to 9)
  • A hotkey for opening the Market has been added. Default is M
  • A hotkey for opening the Shrine has been added. Default is H
  • Regular click on Door (without Ctrl) is now default to return to town
  • You can now Ctrl-Click an item in the Market slot, Vault slot, or Skill slots to clear the box.
  • You can now specify the join level range limit when creating a group. Default is 5 and minimum is 3, maximum (subject to change) is 99.
  • Added a setting to disable Auto Hold Attack in the Settings window
  • Maximum experience gained from a single monster (EPs, bosses, etc) increased by 50%
  • Game play adjusted to be considerably easier for new players for lower level monsters
  • Drop quality (tier) has been increased considerably
  • Greatly improved drop quantity and quality of regular and map treasure chests
  • Objectives, Evil Presences, and Wells can all drop objects now
  • Vault costs for slots reduced by half. 25 slots now costs 50fg per month, instead of 100fg.
  • Everyone that currently has an open vault has had their remaining days increased by 150% to compensate for the above price decrease, and as a bonus.
  • Catacombs Dummy Pilot speed has been sped up to 1/2 the speed it was previously.
  • Maps can now spawn up to Unique
  • Chance to gain proficiency points while Suffensensing has been doubled.
  • PvP has been temporarily removed. This will be re-done and re-added in a future update.
  • Scavengfur has a new ability enabled
  • Sparkelfish has a new ability enabled
  • Windragon has a new ability enabled
  • Slugger has a new ability enabled
  • You can now swap (most) item positions in your inventory if they are not stackable with each other.
  • Added a button press notification for skilling. When a button is pressed, a "." will appear indicating your command has been sent. When the server replies back, it will change to a "!"
  • Some monster abilities animate now (moving/shrinking, etc)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a display glitch where leaving a group while at the pond would not cancel out the fishing rod/window from being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where high level characters/groups were displaying as negative numbers in group lists and after joining a group (until a level up).
  • Fixed a bug with objectives where starting an objective, leaving and returning while another character holds the game, caused other random objectives to become enabled has been fixed.
While a lot of testing went into this, there will inevitably be things that were missed. I will work hard to address all bug reports as quickly as possible. I thank you in advance for your patience.

Thanks to everyone that helped test this version and provided feedback and ideas!

Please review this page before reporting "bugs": https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=22
Alienwersus Reset The HC Ladder! by njaguar
on Jul 29 2014 03:52pm
Congrats to alienwersus for resetting the hardcore ladder! Welcome to hardcore season 3!
iLegit Reset the SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Apr 3 2014 12:24pm
Congrats to iLegit for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 17!
v1.29.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Feb 5 2014 08:21am
v1.29.2 release notes
- Adjusted odds on map mods
- Increased quality on treasure chests
- Increased quality on map drops
- Fixed an issue where welled items would sometimes be delayed from showing up until subsequent fights
- Fixed a bug where wells and trapdoors would sometimes not show up when entering catacombs, or engaging after a fight
- Fixed a bug where the dummy pilot would not restart under some conditions
- Fixed Mirror Maze not spawning dopplegangers on last step
- Added + Level Cap mod to maps, will increase the maximum level of items/monsters by this amount for the map
* Example, a patched map normally has a level 15 cap, if the map had +5 Level Cap, the cap would be 20 for that map
- +Rooms mod on maps will now guarantee at least that many rooms on the map
- All objectives except Four Corners and Mirror Maze can now spawn and be completed on maps
* Note that this offers up some new strategies for obtaining and completing objectives.

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.29.2 at the login screen.
v1.29.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Jan 23 2014 08:10am
v1.29.1 release notes
- Map "uber chest" now can spawn more items, with better quality
- Map spawns have been improved at higher levels
- Fixed +Warm Light Effectiveness to also work on life (was only working on mana)
- Added map mod: + % to Swarm, gives this % chance that your fight will become a swarm after completion
- Added map mod: + % Guild Points, upon completing the map, you have this % chance to gain a guild point.
- Added map mod: + % Level Up, upon completing the map, you have this % chance to level up.
- Maps can now spawn up to unique.
- The explored portion of any map will now be visible to all members upon joining or rejoining, or while they were in town.
* Note that trapdoors and wells will not be visible unless you were in the catacombs when they were found, unless you walk back over the square.

- Fixed ASE error on rejoining catacombs during a fight

- Fixes not seeing map if not driver

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.29.1b at the login screen.
v1.29.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Jan 22 2014 08:11am
v1.29.0 release notes
- Fixed a crash bug with logging out while skilling
- Elemental Education and No Maze No More now spawn easier
- Mirror Maze reward increased from 5-10 GPs to 7-15 GPs per person
- Removed "max level" limit on all objectives. This was set to 99 for all objectives, which would not allow you to complete any objective once you were over level 99.
- Increased odds to find multi-stat potions
- (bug fix) Frostivil will use ability now

- Added an "All" checkbox next to the Refresh icon on the Groups List window that will allow you to list all created groups, even those that are full or outside your level range.
* Note that this only lists groups when you click the refresh button. You will not receive auto notifications when groups outside your range are created.

- Map system (finally) added, opening more doors for more goodies!
* Map items will now be given as rewards for exploring the entire maze. Level and quality depends upon what level you explore the maze at.
* Maps will spawn with various bonus mods, and link to specific zones. Within those zones are specific monsters, native to that area.
* When exploring a map, gameplay is slightly different. There are no random encounters for turning or moving on explored spaces, traps or wells. At the end of each map is an "uber chest".
* Monsters will continue to level with you, up until a cap based upon the tier of map you are using.
* Some of the map mods include: +Evil Presences, +Experience Gain, +Item Drops, +Item Quality, and more!
* Please note that in order to use a map, you must be the leader and your entire group must be in town.

As an aside, the map system has been planned since mid-2010, with big inspiration from Dragon Quest 9. This was something that fit in well with my overall design plan on Ladder Slasher, namely, the ability to jump into instant combat action, while still having a sense that there is a world or something to explore. It also fit well within the already defined and designed monster eco-system, and compliments it nicely. As many of you already know, the DQ series has been a huge inspiration to my game designs, so this is just one more tribute to such a great game.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy the new features!

Make sure to return to the main https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org portal and reclick your desired game size to get to the 1.29.0 version.
Kotnaschor Reset the SC Ladder! by njaguar
on Sep 16 2013 06:23pm
Congrats to Kotnaschor for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 16!
v1.28.0, .1, .2, and .3 Released by njaguar
on May 31 2013 09:35am
v1.28.3 release notes
- Player idle times will now be correctly displayed in /who commands and similar
- Players will now be disconnected after 1 hour of inactivity
- Suffusencing minimum Enhanced Effect bonus increased slightly
- Suffusencing now allows you to abort and keep a relative effect similar to cooking - note that failing (top bar reaching 0) will still destroy the items involved.
- Suffusencing now gives slightly more proficiency per completion
- Transmuting, Glyphing, and Suffusencing now can give slightly more experience per success
- Fish will no longer auto stack during login
- Added option to specify minimum % to auto stacking fish (same types still apply, and only applies to fishing), examples:
0% will stack any amount
50% will only stack sardines with 63 or more life/mana
100% will only stack perfect catches

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.28.3 at the login screen.
v1.28.0, .1, .2, and .3 Released by njaguar
on May 21 2013 09:24am
v1.28.2 release notes
- You can now abort a transmutation without losing the item(s) if you did not click Transmute or Stabilize
- Group join requests will now be sent/received while players are in the catacombs -- You must still return to town to join a group, however.
- You can now create a group while solo in the catacombs
- Pawfulgore now has a chance to use Paws of Fury (temporary +quick draw)
- Uniscorchus now has a chance to use Inferno Eyes (temporary +fire mastery)

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.28.2 at the login screen.
v1.28.0, .1, .2, and .3 Released by njaguar
on May 12 2013 05:24pm
v1.28.1 release notes
- Suffusencing now gives a slight +proficiency bonus when suffusencing items higher than your rank
- The low end minimum Enhanced Effect for suffensencing has been doubled
- Item drop window redesigned slightly to make more optimal use of space
- Group invites will now automatically be resent out every 5 levels of the group leader in non-full groups
- Fixed issue where certain items dropped to chat box could "freeze" up the client. Note that any item data that is too long will not be sent.
- Fixed clawgel to properly use special ability
- Glyger now has a chance to use Healing Hands (group heal)
- Gigabee now has a chance to use Summon Swarm (call for help, 2x gigabee)

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.28.1 at the login screen.
Top Guild And Player Ladders Added by njaguar
on May 9 2013 05:25pm
Hi All!

Added some ladders that show the last 24 hours, week, and month guilds and players to the View Ladders page:

Data is cached and can be delayed up to 30 minutes, but this allows you to see at a glance the top guilds/players for the last X period of time. Also note that players not in guilds at the time of their MQ/guild point gain will not show in these rankings.

Enjoy! (1.28.1 coming soon, also)
v1.28.0, .1, .2, and .3 Released by njaguar
on May 7 2013 06:53am
Hello everyone!

v1.28.0 release notes
- Added a new secondary ability to Glyphing called Glyph Merging
- Glyph Merging allows you to merge two glyphs together into one, combining their stats
* Stats on two glyphs cannot overlap, eg, you cannot merge two +strength glyphs
* You cannot merge two glyphs if either has Enhanced Effect on it (however, you can suffusence it later, if you wish)
* The magical prefix will take the highest merged glyph value - it will not represent the number of stats on the item
* The difficulty/proficiency of the glyphing will be based on the tier + number of stats of the two glyphs. Eg, two glyphs with two stats each combined will glyph at an "angelic" level
- Evil Wells will now show up on the mini-map once discovered
- Trapdoors will now show up on the mini-map once discovered (if you have a class that can avoid falling into them with you)
- Mobs that gain physical or magical resistance buffs will now display a red or blue orb/shield briefly to indicate such
- Fixed Treasure Pest mob to properly use special abilities again
- Fixed a bug with paralyze where if it happened before your first attack, you would not be paralyzed
- Fixed a bug with full exploring a maze and not being able move on the first step of the new maze without returning to town
- Normal mob spawn range changed as follows: one person = 1 to 3*, two = 1 to 5, three = 1 to 7, four and five = 1 to 9
- The "new player" detection has been adjusted so that if you have 0 MQ attempts for the season, only 2 regular mobs will spawn solo max, and only 1 EP (this nullifies and replaces the < 500 kills of the previous patch)
- The objective A Pinch of Evil can now spawn for any sized group
- The objective Ambush! can now spawn for any sized group
- The objective Hack the Horde can now spawn for any sized group
- The objective Stop the Seven Shamans can now spawn in groups sized three and above
- The objective Slash the Swarm can now spawn in groups sized four and above
- Foglime now has a chance to use Mistical Fog (temporary +physical defense party buff)
- Seevil now has a chance to use Illusory Magic Mirror (temporary +magical defense party buff)
- Azapnid now has a chance to use Octallusion

Make sure to return to the main https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org portal and reclick your desired game size to get to the 1.28.0 version.

Hope you all enjoy the updates!
v1.27.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on May 2 2013 08:33am
v1.27.2 release notes
- Client now more accurately calculates hp/mp regen
- Client now more accurately calculates and displays damage/heal ranges to include proficiency and + % mastery bonuses
- The combat idle protection feature has been adjusted to move players to town rather than disband their group
- The objective A Pinch of Evil has been tweaked to spawn a bit more frequently for players
- Mobs that duplicate/call for help will now spawn in random locations rather than sequential
- Fixed an issue where a client could be disconnected due to inactivity at the character select/creation screen, or master quest
- Added more preventative drag/drop reset capabilities to master quest screen -- in the event your key is "stuck", try clicking the key again, or the door
* I still have yet to be able to reproduce this a single time, so hopefully this resolves the issue on the rare occasions it occurs for some people
- Dunebug now has a chance to use Focused Inner Shell (temporary +heal mastery)
- Darknice now has a chance to use Mana Drain

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.27.2 at the login screen.
v1.27.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Apr 29 2013 06:20am
v1.27.1 release notes
- Slightly increased the odds that more stats will spawn on items (eg, arcane, unique, etc)
- Fish auto stacking now works with suffussenced fish
- Fixed a client side display bug with fishing and combat (would should +fishing for weapon/charm proficiency gains if you left the fishing window open during a fight)
- Fixed a bug where using an accessory charm could result in grossly high or low damage amounts
- Torrentile now has a chance to use Torrential Twisters (multi-shot wind attack)
- Moltengrabba now has a chance to use Fire Inside (temporary +fire mastery)

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.27.1 at the login screen.
v1.27.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Apr 27 2013 09:58am
Hi All,

v1.27.0 release notes
- Fish and comfreys now spawn with stats more strictly tied to the tier that spawns
* for instance, a herring should no longer spawn with sardine level stats
- The stats of fish you catch will be displayed briefly in the fishing popup window
- The +prof text popup will now display the skill being used. Eg; +5 Glyphing
- All mobs will now display their actual name, rather than a random name. Special battles will still be designated with unique random mob names
- Ice Mastery can now spawn on items
- Fire Mastery can now spawn on items
- Lightning Mastery can now spawn on items
- Earth Mastery can now spawn on items
- Wind Mastery can now spawn on items
- Element Mastery stats will increase the damage of that particular element, as well as increase your elemental resistance against damage taken for that element.
- Magic Damage Reduction will continue to be an "all resistance" style mod, and it stacks with the individual ones for defense purposes.
- If your effective element reduction total is over 100%, you will absorb the % amount over 100. For instance, if you have 105% fire mastery/MDR, you will absorb 5% fire damage.
- Evil Presence mob counts will now better reflect the party size (slightly less chance of 3 during solo, for instance)
- Only single mob Evil Presences will be allowed to spawn for new solo players to help ease them into the game. (New is defined as < 500 kills -- so this also helps with new HC characters)
- The objective Face the Evil was tweaked again to spawn for players more frequently than previously

New Monster Abilities:
- Bloodrat now has a chance to use Blood Transfusion (chance to gain temporary life steal)
- Magaton now has a chance to use Heal Twin and Critaboost (temporary +critical strike)
- Fizzypup now has a chance to use Fast Fire (double fire attack)
- Frisp now has a chance to use Flittering Flames (chance to replicate when hit)
- Tonguerus now has a chance to use Heal Frenzy

Make sure to return to the main https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org portal and reclick your desired game size to get to the 1.27.0 version.

Much more to come, hopefully soon, getting more pieces done towards some longer term goals. This is a fairly big step in that direction.

v1.26.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Apr 23 2013 06:48am
v1.26.2 release notes
- Fishing pond now remembers previous rod used
- Added auto stack fish option in settings that will auto stack same tier/type fish (applies to fishing and cooking)
* This will try and stack like piles, life with life, mana with mana, and rare with rare -- will stop working once you reach a max stack size
* This feature is currently off by default, but may be turned on automatically in future updates. Please separate fish stacks accordingly and explore the feature now to make sure you understand how it works.
- All monsters now have a variable reaction time for their first attack. This means that some monsters will attack a bit faster for their first attack, but some will be slower to react than before.
* This is on a per monster basis, not per group of monsters. Ambush! objective will still all get first attack. This also only affects the first attack, not subsequent ones.
- The /find command and dialog now work up to level 255
- Doubled the max amount of +Guild Points that can spawn on a totem
- Catacombs map size now caps correctly at higher levels

New Monster Abilities:
- Frostivil now has a chance to use Snowballs (double ice attack)
- Rocktopus now has a chance to use Flailing Tentacles (multi target strike)
- Tornalisk now has a chance to use Wind Balls (multi-shot wind attack)
- Sinseerical now has a chance to use Elemental Evasion (blocks all magical damage for a few seconds)
- Goocidic now has a chance to use Gooify (blocks all physical damage for a few seconds)

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.26.2 at the login screen.

Thanks all, enjoy! Hoping to get 1.27 out here soon!
v1.26.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Apr 19 2013 09:56am
v1.26.1 release notes
- Players that are temporarily paralyzed by a monster attack will turn blue and fade back to normal color -- this should help distinguish between lag and paralysis
- You will now receive +1 Guild Points for reaching experience level 101 (+2 for hardcore players)
- Re-added /find minLvl [maxLvl] command and it works outside of groups
- Find players window is now separate from group list window to allow for searching outside of groups

New Monster Abilities:
- Hornicorn now has a chance to use Front-row trample attack (physical) and Rear-ender (back kick to back row)
- Camouslauge now has a chance to use Splitting Personality (chance to split into a duplicate when hit)
- Glazier now has a chance to use Ice-sickle Attack (physical + ice) and Necrotic Ice Breath (multi-target)
- Gustfly now has a chance to use Whirl-wind Gust Attack (party knock-back)
- Hieramosickles now has a chance to use Honed Edge (temporary +weapon damage boost)

The monster contest will continue and be updated accordingly.

Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.26.1 at the login screen.

edit: Apr 20th 2013 7:34AM CDT
v1.26.1b release notes
- Using /find on levels between levels 1 to 126 now works (will fix properly @ next full release -- requires protocol change)
- Fixed a bug with level 101 not granting GPs
- Slightly improved chance for better drop quality (higher tiers) for all mobs
- Slightly increased difficulty of mobs above level 70

New Monster Abilities:
- Doomglider now has a chance to use Double sickle slice (physical)
- Gigapede now has a chance to use Gigagashing (multiple attacks)
- Posiaclawn now has a chance to perform a special ability
v1.26.0, .1 and .2 Released by njaguar
on Apr 18 2013 07:00am
Hi all!

A new end game challenge has been unlocked and added for everyone. Monsters will now continue to get stronger beyond level 70, allowing for some high level races and challenges. Your achieved higher levels will actually mean more than vast amounts of time, as well as offer new rewards towards higher drops and bonuses. More rewards, goals and bonuses are to come after this update.

v1.26.0 release notes
- Removed mob level caps - this will allow for some true high level competition and bragging rights, as well as increased drop rates as one climbs higher
- As per above, Mobs will continually get stronger beyond level 71, which unlocks some challenging end-game battles (and rewards -- more to come)
- Proficiency gain is no longer capped at experience level 70, however note the additional difficulty and risk of death
- Increased experience gain for groups of 1-4 respectively to help balance vs full groups (double or more bonus to what it was prior to this patch)
- Fixed high level character display in various locations
- The objective Face the Evil was tweaked to spawn for players more frequently than previously
- Objectives enabled/completed text messages changed to a yellow color for better visibility

New Monster Abilities:
- Electrowisp now has a chance to use Blink Evasion
- Shocktooth now has a chance to use Electric Bite (physical + lightning)
- Mantaprey now has a chance to use Neurotoxin Tail Attack (paralysis)
- Sunwisp now has a chance to use Plasma Exchange (fire counter attack)
- Needleback now has a chance to use Thorn counter-attack when physically hit
- Repelican now has a chance to use Electrical Conduit (always reflects lightning damage taken with a lightning attack)
- Bloodbunny now has a chance to use Reactive regenerative heal
- Lavoulder now has a chance to use Fire Fist Attack (physical + fire)
- Twintile now has a chance to use Intertwining head strike (double strike)

Monster abilities will be updated here when they are discovered by the community: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=21

Also, make sure to return to the main https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org portal and reclick your desired game size to get to the 1.26.0 version.

A contest for the monster abilities will be posted shortly. Also, if you guys could create a topic where you provide feedback on the relative difficulty as you increase beyond 71, so I can make sure the numbers fit your real world expectations, as well as gauge future rewards (71+) that will better fit real world scenarios.

Enjoy, much more to come, hoping to get back to regular updates to get the monsters all out there, so I can move on to the next big phase.

v1.25.0 and v1.25.1 Released by njaguar
on Oct 25 2012 08:14am
Another quick update-

v1.25.1 release notes:

- Explore the Maze level requirement lowered to level 1
- Mirror Maze guild point reward has been doubled
- Sneaky Shell now has a bit less life
- Fixed the calculation for the cooking "Minimum To Skill Up" tip on the client
- Treasure Pest now gives an additional bonus upon completion
- Down Arrow/S will now turn you around (180 degree turn)
- Trapdoor/Well will now be shown when you turn in a room that has one
- Maze walls/floor colors adjusted to better match overall catacombs feel

edit - Nov 24th 2012: (v1.25.1b)
- Freaver now has a chance to use Freezing Scythe Strike (physical) (slow)
- Mobs with the ability Call For Help can now use it if they are a normal or special mob

Make sure your client shows v1.25.1 at the bottom right of the login page. If it does not, you may need to refresh or clear your cache.

More to come

v1.25.0 and v1.25.1 Released by njaguar
on Oct 23 2012 03:25pm
Hi All!

Still not the "big one", but I decided to try and get back to incremental updates as much as possible, and figured out some ways to do so that will hopefully put updates out more frequently. In any case, I am pleased to announce v1.25.0 for your playing pleasures.

v1.25.0 release notes:

- New "3D" catacombs map system implemented
- Mini-map revamped to accommodate new map display
- Maze controls have changed slightly to accommodate the new maze system (Up moves forward, Left/Right turn left or right)
* Note that random fights can occur by simply turning directions.
- Well placement in catacombs adjusted to appear part of the maze
- A trapdoor is now visibly drawn on the ground when detected
- Cooking has been adjusted so that you will still gain proficiency longer per tier. Example: You can get to rank 4 on tier 1 fish, rank 9 on tier 2, rank 14 for tier 3, etc.
- High level characters (>127) will now show the correct level in View Ladders
- Combat Proficiency gains have been tweaked slightly to allow for more gains overall
- Added new objective: Bits and Pieces
- Added new objective: Treasure Pest
- Fixed a bug in Slash the Swarm
- Settings keyboard bindings updated to reflect new catacombs key functions

New Monster Abilities:
- Wind-o-shade now has a chance to use Blink attack (teleport)
- Electangle now has a chance to use Tangling tentacle evasion (position swap) and Call For Help when injured (random)
- Aqueous now has a chance to use Water condenser (shrink)
- Chargon now has a chance to use Multi-target Breath Attack (fire)
- Huntaguar now has a chance to use Wind Fist Attack (physical + wind)
Monster abilities will be updated here when they are discovered by the community: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=21

Remember, this is just an incremental update, there is tons more to come, as I'm sure your imaginations will run wild with.

Also, make sure to return to the main https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org portal and reclick your desired game size to get to the 1.25.0 version.

Have fun, and keep on slashin'!
Flo13 Reset The Sc Ladder by njaguar
on Oct 16 2012 03:57pm
Congrats to Flo13 for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 15!
V1.24.0 and v1.24.1 Released by njaguar
on May 5 2012 08:38am
Enabled 3 more monster abilities:

- Peaktrice now has a chance to use Partial Paralyze Attack (physical)
- Albadross now has a chance to use Rock Drop Multi-target Back Row Attack (physical)
- Clawgel now has a chance to use Multi-target Heal

Another contest to identify them and their abilities will be started here shortly! Good luck!

All monsters and there abilities are and will be listed here as they are discovered: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=21
V1.24.0 and v1.24.1 Released by njaguar
on May 3 2012 10:51am
Turning on a few more monster abilities for you all to try and figure out. Will probably extend the contest to these here shortly!

v1.24.1 release notes
- You can now change position while in combat, but there is a delay to do so
- Alchemists online bonus is now displayed in the group hover player stats, if applicable

- Kangarel now has a chance to use Flee
- Brrraptor now has a chance to use Multi-target Breath Attack (ice)
- Porcuball now has a chance to use Multi-target Thorn Attack (physical)
- Boaurora now has a chance to use Charge Attack Push to Back
- Floraworm now has a chance to use Tendril Pull to Front Bite Attack

Make sure your client shows 1.24.1 in the bottom right at login. Some functionality may not work if you do not have the proper version.

Good luck!

Monster information will be posted here as people discover the actual correct monsters and their ability(s): https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=21
V1.24.0 and v1.24.1 Released by njaguar
on May 1 2012 10:31am
Hello Everyone! This is still not "the big one", but we're getting closer.

v1.24.0 release notes

- The Shrine now operates closer to how it used to circa 2006 -- in order to heal higher amounts, higher level items are needed (relative to player level)
- Vault purchases now have better gold logs to notate more details
- Gold logs now convert LS Item Sales to links that you can click to view the items sale history
- Fixed incorrect calculation of EE stat on stacked items
- Global notifications are now sent when another player passes or fails the master quest (including if they reset the ladder)
- All players now gain a +2% experience bonus for every online alchemist for that core
- Time in group is now shown under hover player stats. Note: Only relative to you joining the group, just like their stats
- You can now click to select a charged ability icon to use it on your next attack without using hotkeys
- Slugslider now has a chance to use Call For Help (slugslider) (more details on https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=21)
- Trunkiller now has a chance to use Front Row Multi-target Swipe Attack (physical)

See if you can figure out which two mobs perform which abilities! Good luck!

Previously I posted some teasers regarding monsters. Each monster has an actual name, with abilities associated with it. This is the beginning of transitioning to that.
Please do not post "suggestions" on ability changes or what other monsters could do, until all of them are released over the coming months.

Thanks all, and have fun!
V1.23.1 Released! by njaguar
on Dec 29 2011 12:18pm
Hello everyone! This is not "the big one" that I am still working on, but it does have a lot of nice updates none-the-less. I am still chugging along on the bigger updates (forked out, so I can get as much done in pieces as possible), and hoping to continue more frequent updates in the near future.

In the meantime, here are the 1.23.0 changes and notes:
  • The Vault is now accessible in the catacombs and during combat
  • Added hotkey V for Vault (custom key configs will be reset in this version to accomodate)
  • Item storage summary shown on bottom right of each tab in vault
  • Added Magical level filter to vault withdraw search tab
  • Added Auto Deposit/Transfer setting, which when enabled will automatically deposit/transfer an item dropped/shift clicked into the box
  • There is now a bonus +days forum gold discount for purchasing bulk slots or extended time beyond 30 days on the vault (*note, guild transfers do not get this bonus at this time, see below)
  • Ambush objective frequency adjusted slightly
  • Sneaky mob adjusted to have less life, but more physical defense
  • Glyphing updated to be more tolerant of laggy client connections, will also be slightly faster completion for faster reflexes/connections
  • Slightly tweaked monster attack AI to choose attack types more intelligently
  • "Rooms" are now randomly generated within the catacombs (open spaces)
  • Added new objective: Slash the Swarm (lvl 20)
  • Added new objective: Four Corners (lvl 25)
  • Added new objective: Elemental Education (lvl 45)
  • Added Catacombs Auto Dummy Pilot which will attempt to explore the maze for you automatically. Please note that it is as it says, and will not take the smartest routes, and may sometimes go around in circles, and does not have an explicit intent to explore every unexplored space. Also note that you will still have to engage between fights, and if you find a treasure chest. This feature is for those that "hate to drive", and have no one in their group that wishes to do so.

    The follow are remembered until game refresh/reload (eg; same session):
  • Vault remembers and displays last viewed tab when reopened
  • Vault remembers last category selected on deposit page
  • Vault remembers last Vault # entered on transfer page
  • Added new checkbox to the Settings window to toggle Do Not Disturb (without having to use /dnd)
** As always, please be sure to play this new version thoroughly on softcore before hardcore.

Thanks everyone, and have fun!

Edit Jan 26 2012:
v1.23.1 is also released:
- Fixes numerous small glitches with the vault transfers
- Adds a new configuration option that allows you to use just Click to exit the catacombs, instead of Ctrl-Click (Settings window, under Catacombs)

Edit Apr 28 2012:
- Vault bonus forum gold discount works as follows: If cost amount is 100.01 or higher = 5% discount, 200.01 or higher = 10% discount, 500.01 or higher = 15% discount, 1000.01 or higher = 20% discount

Wildmike Resets Sc Ladder by njaguar
on Aug 27 2011 01:13pm
Congrats to WildMike for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 14!
Cole Reset The Ladder! by njaguar
on Aug 21 2011 06:59am
Congrats to McClain for resetting the hardcore ladder! Welcome to hardcore season 2!
V1.22.1 Released! by njaguar
on Jun 24 2011 11:18am
Hello again! After a quick turn-around, I am going to go ahead and release v1.22.1 now, rather than waiting. Below is the changelog:
  • Essences will now auto-stack. Remove a stack from your inventory if you do not want it to increase further.
  • Re-Added Shift Click to inventory equipment/items. Will quick submit your item to the vault deposit, market sell/transfer, or skill (cooking, etc) item slot as applicable.
  • LS character profile pages now correctly show heal values of stacked fish/comfreys
  • Fixed Keyboard numpad assignment showing up as wrong key
  • Changing hotkey for quick attack and quick item slots now updates the label over those boxes accordingly
  • Assigning a keyboard hotkey value no longer causes the key list to scroll back to the top
You will need to refresh your client, so it shows version 1.22.1 in the bottom right corner on the login page. You may need to clear your browser cache, and/or restart it for it to properly download and update.

Thanks everyone, enjoy!
V1.22.0 Released! by njaguar
on Jun 21 2011 06:05am
Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce the release of Ladder Slasher v1.22. Below are the release notes:
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes could not pick up an item after killing a well monster
  • Fixed searching for battleaxe, spear, and polearm in vault now correctly returns only those item types
  • Fixed abilities losing their charge when attack did not work (mob already dead, out of mana)
  • Fixed damage over 32k overflow display glitch
  • Added current Objectives Enabled to the Stats -> Objectives popup window
  • Increased the experience gain for increasing proficiency in skills
  • Drop quantity calculation has been rewritten and re-factored to be more dependent on the relative difficulty of the monster you are fighting (translation: more drops for harder mobs!)
  • Increased drop rate of totems
  • Pressing the Escape key while a text box has focus will now cancel focus off of that text box
  • Added a Keyboard configuration section to the Settings window. You can now customize/change existing keyboard hotkeys
  • Max market items under 20fg increased from 20 to 25
  • Fish/Comfreys will now spawn as a min * tier base as well as max. This means that the minimum values that can spawn will be tied more directly to the tier of the item. (No more 5 heal catfish, for instance)
  • Base Fish heal ranges have been changed from 5-50 per level to 25-100 per level
  • Base Comfrey minimum heal value increased

As usual, please return to the main LS index page, and click your resolution again if you have it bookmarked. v1.22.0 should show up in the bottom right corner of the login screen.

Have fun!
V1.21.1 Released by njaguar
on May 4 2011 10:51am
Hi Everyone!

In the last few days, I fixed a handful of bugs, and introduced the ASE Error Reporting tool (https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/ase.php). I have rolled all of the fixes into an official release of 1.21.1, as detailed below:

- If Global/Local Storage was disabled in Flash, you could not login to LS. This is fixed; it now nags you to turn it on instead. (Storage is used to save various settings, such as the last logged in name, inventory arrangement, and various UI settings)
- Vault Search - Close window bug fixed (if you searched and closed the window before the search results were returned, you'd get an error)
- Ladder - Close window bug fixed (if you opened the ladder and closed the window/logged out before the search results were returned, you'd get an error)
- Glyph with Mana Regen bug fixed. This should fix the ASE errors with glyphs!

Thanks to everyone that reported these errors, and your help in narrowing them down! (Especially the last one!)

Refresh and/or clear cache to get the latest version. It should show v1.21.1 at the bottom right side at login.
Dpaules Resets!!! by njaguar
on Apr 23 2011 06:48am
Congrats to dpaules for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 13!
V1.21.0 Released! by njaguar
on Feb 12 2011 08:44am
Hello everyone! I am proud to announce the public release of Ladder Slasher v1.21.0! See below for details.

- Experience gained in groups is no longer based upon action count. If you feel someone is "leeching", you can always kick them from your group (or not).
- Stat points added to Vitality and Intelligence now give you the full +HP/MP no matter what level you put them in at. Example, +1 Vit added at level 2 will give you +3 HP.
- Fish/comfrey stacks can now correctly exceed 65k total effect (client side overflow)
- You now regenerate at the full rate while doing skills (still applied upon skill completion)
- Door to leave catacombs changed to Ctrl-click instead of double-click
- Critical Flux now works vs. Melee and Caster critical hits
- Mob healing AI slightly improved
- Bug fix: Mirror Maze client bug on final fight fixed
- Bug fix: You can now use just the right box on skills that have two boxes but can have single item input (example: transmuting)
- Bug fix: Fishing in the dark well no longer restarts client side regeneration
- Bug fix: Suffusencing will now give you +proficiency points on a success (bottom bar complete) even when the top bar has reached 0
- Magic resistance on regular mobs has been removed
- "Free" group casting has been "removed" (see below)

- Added Abilities (3 per class) - Adds many new tactics!
- Characters receive 1 ability point per 5 levels, which can be spent in any of the abilities. Spending points in primary class abilities will net you the best results, while classes at or below your class will result in less results, and class abilities above your class the least results.
- For example, you gain +20% for the first point put into a class ability, +10% for the first point put into a non-class at or below your class, and +6% for the first point put into a non-class above your class.
- There are three primary ability types: weapon, offensive charm, and heal charm.
- Abilities can be assigned to control, alt, or shift, and then used once they charge.
- Each ability has different attack/heal patterns, as described in their descriptions.
- Each ability charges either by attacking (melee, charm), healing, getting hit, or getting healed.
- When an ability charges, it's icon will appear to the left of your weapon slot (Q), with the charge percentage. You can use it according to the type and key you have assigned it to.
- The higher the charge %, the more damage the ability will do. Abilities can overcharge up to 200%! Each ability has varying +Effect% bonuses.
- For example, a level 1 barbarian puts his first point in Knockdown. This gives him +20%. He assigns it to the Ctrl key, by Ctrl-clicking it on the stats window. He enters combat, and fights for a bit, as it generates to 10%, then 20%, etc. At any point, he can use this ability, but he decides to wait till it is charges to 100%, then and he waits for 3 mobs in a row (horizontal), then ctrl-clicks to attack one, and it uses his ability, hitting all three mobs in the row.
- You can learn up to three abilities at a time. All three can charge simultaneously.
- Abilities reset when you reroll your character (or complete a master quest).
- All abilities only take the regular time amount to use once they are charged. For instance, Multicast/Multistrike only have a 1 second cooldown. Please note that heavy weapon melee will still have the 2 second cooldown.
- Returning to town or changing equipment will reset all of your charges. Plan accordingly!

A new portal category and complete guide on abilities will be added as time permits.

I have the ability to modify the effectiveness of abilities without restarting the server. This will allow me (with the players help!) to adjust, tweak, and balance each ability to perfection over the course of time. Going into this release, it is a given that not all of them will be perfectly balanced, but with the help of the community, we can make sure every ability is reasonably and well balanced against the others, so that there is never a single predominant choice that everyone chooses. I plan to create a reporting/polling tool to help with this. Also, please note that most all of these abilities will be changing over time as the game continues to progress through development stages. This will make more sense as future upgrades are made.

I also plan to create an ASE reporting tool, that will simplify all ASE reports and put them in a single location where I can review them accordingly.

The features announced in the previous version are still going to make it into LS, just not in this version. Also, the mob changes will still come, but have been postponed to at least the next release.

Have fun everyone! (Thanks to Dan and Kevin for their help testing!)
V1.20.1 Released by njaguar
on Jan 9 2011 06:59pm
Hi Everyone!

Releasing v1.20.1 with a few fixes and update:
- Vault ASE error should been fixed
- Glyph ASE error should been fixed
- Added "Minimum To Skill Up" indicator for Cooking, Glyphing, Transmuting, and Suffusencing. This is the lowest item you can use to gain a proficiency point in that skill.

Refresh/clear cache on your client to get the updated version. It should display v1.20.1 in the bottom right at login.

Will continue working on resolving the remaining ASE reports, but these were the two big ones that people had been reporting. Enjoy!

Congrats to ironmind for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to Softcore Season 12!
V1.20.0 Released! by njaguar
on Oct 7 2010 06:05am
Introducing Ladder Slasher v1.20:

(It is highly recommended that you play this version in Softcore before you try Hardcore. Some game dynamics have changed compared to past versions.)

Changes and New Features:
  • Client and server codebases have had complete overhauls to improve performance and reliability
  • Groups are now persistent, in town and out.
    You can now venture into the catacombs, and your position will be saved upon returning to town.
    You can create a group, then enter catacombs while you wait for people to join.
    Plus more that you can discover!
    Returning to town will not reset the map or fight (if you are in one)
  • Mob spawns in catacombs has been adjusted to be more strict based upon how many people are exploring. This makes it solo-able, and also more interesting for larger groups. All the bonuses for large groups still apply (the more in your group, the better!)
  • Find players dialog added and replaces the /find command (can only use it while you are in a group), double clicking a result will auto open a /msg to that user.
  • Upon exploring the entire maze, if your entire party returns to town, when you go back into catacombs, it will automatically transfer you down a level to a new map.
  • Most objectives can now be completed without a full group, and some can even be completed solo.
  • Falling through a trapdoor or exploring the whole maze and leaving cata and returning will re-initialize objectives that you can complete.
  • Drop qualities have been increased
  • Groups are now managed (and created) via the Group Tools icon in the bottom right of town (hotkey: F)
  • Any available groups will automatically be found and displayed when you first select your character
  • Damage and healing is now displayed in a new format, and you can tell who the source and target is.
  • When a charm is used, it is displayed on the screen, so you can tell when an enemy is casting vs. physical attacks.
  • Can now change equipment during combat
  • A skill icon will appear when a group member is doing a skill (eg, a fish when they are fishing, etc)
  • If a group member is not in the same location as you, their character will "fade out". This will indicate that they are in cata while you are in town, and vice versa.
  • Caught fish are now automatically placed into your held items
  • Glyphing rank 1 items (without proficiency) is now a little bit easier
  • Block is now renamed to Parry to better describe the functionality
  • You can no longer send PMs while in /dnd mode
  • Mobs now have a chance to drop items higher than their level. This bonus increases with group size.
  • Evil presence, certain objectives, and well mobs will now only drop magical or higher items
  • Life steal, life/mana per hit/kill now have a higher effectiveness in catacombs
  • If the client gets an error, will automatically disconnect you as a safety measure
  • Ctrl-click attack with a charm will group attack mobs, at a slower cast rate. Only works in groups of 2 or more. The more mobs, the slower the cast rate.
  • New objective added: No Maze No More, required level 55 to complete, must have completed Hack the Horde
  • A text notification will appear when another user uses a glyph on you
  • Well of evil has been removed from town
  • Dark pools can now spawn in catacombs, and function similar to how the well used to. You can also fish in it!
  • Removed some old mobs, and replaced with newer ones (see below for more info on future updates regarding this)
  • You will now receive notifications after you receive new private messages on d2jsp. ** Note, this is not real time, but updates roughly when your current gold amount does.
  • Critical hits are now displayed in red text
  • All melee weapons are now modified by a strength and dexterity combination, rather than pure strength or dexterity. Ratios are listed on the Weapons page on the portal.
  • PvP is now real time, and player position specific
    PvP is divided into 10 level rooms, for instance, levels 1-10 are in room 1, 11-20 in room 2, etc.
    Up to 10 people can duel at a time per room!
    Dueling is now HC safe, there are no deaths in PvP, only knock-outs.
    You must be next to your opponent to hit them (use the WASD or arrow keys to move)
    Melee requires that you are immediately next to your opponent (not diagonal!)
    Casting allows you to be 3 squares away in a straight line (not diagonal!)
And many other fun and surprises waiting to be discovered!

The Future:
The next version will include a lot of new features that expand upon this version. Some of them include: PvP ranking/scoring, more interactivity, more continuity, and much greater challenges.

Huge thanks to Arx_X, Justine, and Kevin for helping beta test!
Huge Congratz To Dion! by njaguar
on Jun 24 2010 09:14pm
Congratulations to HylianHero on resetting the ladder and ending season 10 in softcore!

Welcome to Season 11 (softcore). Please note that all your softcore characters will be reset back to level 0, as the ladder has reset. You will retain all your items and proficiencies.

Good luck in the next season!
V1.19.0 Release! by njaguar
on Apr 16 2010 12:28pm
v1.19 is now ready for release! Please read below for the updates and changes. This includes some really cool new features that enhance game-play considerably!

- New Loot system added to catacombs. When a person clicks an item to pick it up, it starts a 5 second countdown on that item. If you also want it, click the item during the 5 seconds. At the end of the timer, the server will roll each player that clicked it, and the highest number wins the item. You can continue hacking/exploring while the timers are running, they do not halt gameplay!
- Items will now last about 5 seconds after engaging in catacombs, instead of disappearing immediately. They will also last about 5 seconds between rounds in Hack the Horde.
- Item Drops window is now resizable. Click and drag the bottom right triangle icon to resize it. You can set it to vertical, larger, smaller, etc.
- Item quality bonus slightly increased for catacombs
- /leader PLAYERNAME command was added. Use this to change the leader of your group, if you no longer wish to lead the party in the maze.
- An asterisk * now appears next to the leader of a catacombs group.
- Suffusencing now gives +proficiency points on abort, like cooking.
- Cooking, Transmuting, and Suffusencing now remember stacks of items used when the "do again" button is pressed. This is handy for cooking stacks of fish, for instance.
- Low cost market item limit increased from 10 to 20. This means you can have up to 20 items under 20fg cost. The unlimited items above 20fg cost still applies.
- Critical Hits are now denoted with a ! after the damage amount. For instance, if you critical hit for 234, it will show "234!". Same thing applies to monsters that critical hit you or allies.
- Arena Monster level auto increasing at level up is now turned back on. No need to go back to town between level ups to change the summon level.

Enjoy, and seeya soon for more updates. I plan to crank out some more in a few days!
V1.18.1 Released! by njaguar
on Jan 22 2010 12:18pm
v1.18.1 has been released. While only a "minor version" update, it contains some huge game-play changes. See below for the details:

- Offensive Charms now have a % chance to hit all monsters in catacombs per cast. The % chance is based upon your proficiency and the size of your group (full group = more % chance)
- Market will now correctly let you have 10 items under 20fg cost, whether you have higher priced items already listed or not
- Unsold (0fg) items on the market now count towards your amount, with a hard limit of 10, even if the item is priced at 20fg or higher
- Using glyphs in the arena will no longer reset your MCC
- Chatlog (L) now updates while open (do not have to close and reopen it, can just leave it open if you want)
- Cap on unspawnable Life Steal items has been lifted (** subject to change again at a future time, of course)
- Cap on effective EE now adjusted to be +20EE over the tier max. (This affects high proficiencies on high EE items, as well as unspawnables)
- Client will now correctly display the "adjusted" damage/defense ranges of items based upon EE caps (per above).
- Click and hold now works for Fishing, Cooking, and Transmuting
- Proficiency points gained now displays after completing a skill (eg; +3 will popup within the Skill window, etc.)
- Character class will now show up in a /find command following the character name (2 letter abbreviation, like catacombs)

Make sure you refresh/clear cache so your client says v1.18.1 at the bottom right corner during login.

Thanks to hapycmpr for helping test!

Have fun!
V1.18.0 Released! by njaguar
on Dec 16 2009 11:49am
Hi Guys, another new version!

Here are some of the changes/addons in this version:
- Female characters have been added! You may choose female when creating a new character. On any existing character pre 1.18, you may type (once) /sex 2 to change your character into a female. This command is permanent!
- All character faces have been updated
- Various item graphics updates
- Increased odds of finding totems in catacombs
- Extra Items Slots stat renamed to Extra Equipment Slots

- Selling items on the Market is now account based instead of character based.
--- There is a max 10 items that you may sell at a time, unless selling an item 20fg or higher in price. There is currently no limit to the amount of items at this price that you may sell.
--- When an item expires off the market, you must manually go to the market and remove it from the market with one of your characters.
--- ** Dying in HC no longer loses items on the market from a character

- Fixed a display bug with selling/changing prices of items on the market
- Fixed a display issue with the Master Quest
- Increased Fish Stack Sizes (doubled from previous sizes)
- You can now stack uncooked fishes (cooking a stack of uncooked fish will remove 1 each time). This will allow you to fish for longer periods of time without having to stop and cook.

- Magical Defense is now visible and affected by armor type as follows:
--- Robes have base 6 magical defense, Padded have 5, etc through Plate has 1 base. Enhanced Effect increases Magical Defense and Physical Defense.
--- Magical Defense is increased/modified by Intelligence
- Armor Pierce now works for Offensive Charms
- Critical Strike now works for Offensive Charms
- Charm costs have been reduced to +8 MP per tier (5, 13, 21, 29, etc)
- Mana Syphon recovery range has been doubled (2 to mana cost)

Will post more asap, trying to get everything updated..
V1.17.0 Released! by njaguar
on Dec 4 2009 08:24am
Hi Guys!

This version is a huge upgrade over all previous versions. I converted the game client from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0, taking the opportunity to do a complete rewrite of it, implementing a lot of things I've been wanting to do for some time, but were limited by AS2 and unable to do so.

The first thing you'll notice is that everything graphically has been updated. Things will still be familiar, but much has also changed. I will try and highlight the changes below, but you may be better off just trying it instead.

Updates Summary:
-- Complete client rewrite -- should operate much smoother, and faster on all machines!
-- Pretty much all the graphics have been updated (thanks CTaulborg!)
-- Modular layout, more control over customizing the positioning of windows, etc.
-- Added a Settings popup (ESC key to toggle it)
-- Moved chat logs out of a stationary window. You can toggle a movable chat logs history window with the "L" key.
-- Drops appear in a popup (you can move this wherever you want.) You can toggle it with the "O" key.
-- Spacebar still closes all popups.
-- All items now display in an icon format, with text as follows:
---- Top left = magical level (# of magical stats)
---- Top right = item tier
---- Bottom right = quantity (if applicable)
-- All character images have been redrawn
-- Characters now show the equipment you are wearing! This also applies to other players in catacombs!
-- Catacombs has been updated; players now appear along the left side. Group stats popup when hovering on the Experience bar.
-- To move position in the catacombs, click the arrow next to your name. Far left = back, far right = forward, middle = middle.
-- To auto attack, click and hold the left mouse button. Down arrow requirement has been removed! This applies to all monsters and other players!
-- Trashcan on the vault withdraw page, to quick delete items you no longer want
-- Inventory Equipment moveable -- will save positions upon logging out for next login!
-- Quickbar and Selected Attack also are saved between sessions
-- Sort icons added to equipment and items
-- To CHAT, press ENTER to open the chat box, type, then hit enter to send.
-- Guild vault transfer day purchases are now logged and viewable in the guild logs
-- Glyphs now show remaining time in a shortened form when in use.
-- Viewing the ladder shows your character highlighted if on the ladder.
-- Master Quest has been given a SIGNIFICANT overhaul and update.

-- Transmuting difficulty significantly decreased at lower levels.
-- Mirror Maze now gives 2 to 5 guild points upon completion
-- Fish/Comfrey stacks now total the amounts added, rather than averaging them. This will ensure that no amount is lost with high quantity stacks!

Bug Fixes:
-- Fishing first action snag bug fixed
-- Suffusencing a single fish or comfrey would not give it EE appropriately (stacks did work).

.. + more.. will update as soon as possible. Enjoy!!

(These changes will allow me to do much cooler updates in the future. The modular layout is optimal for allowing more things to be done/added!)

To play the new version, make sure you go back to the main portal (https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org) and click the appropriate window size button. The links have been updated. This should help for people that had old version caching troubles in the past.

V1.16.0 Released! by njaguar
on Sep 14 2009 01:54pm
Hi Everyone!

It'll be hard to miss a lot of the changes in this version, but I will list them anyway. Big thanks to Chris (CTaulborg) for help rendering the new town graphics, and some other minor graphics tweaks. (More to come!) I couldn't wait any longer, wanted to get some of these really awesome features released to you guys.

Here are some of the updates in this version:
- Items can now be used in combat! (Glyphs, Comfreys, and Fish)
- Fixed proficiency bug with wells
- Added a new skill, Suffusencing (see below)
- You can now stack Comfreys
- You can now stack Essences
- Greatly increased all max stack sizes (by at least 10x the original amounts!). For instance, a rank 0 fishing and cooking person can stack up to 20 fish!
- Fish usage has a timer of 1 second between each usage. (Comfreys are still instant)
- You now gain experience when using skills (glyphing, transmuting, fishing, cooking, and suffusencing!)
- Regen works at 1/4 effectiveness while using skilling! (It will apply the healing at the end of the skill-up, pass or fail)
- Quantity display added to items that can stack
- /find with no parameters now works as a range of + and - 3 levels
- Shift clicking an item on various screens will auto insert it into the target box (for instance, while doing most skills, in the vault deposit, etc)
- Lots of client graphics updates, including a complete redo of the main town screen
- New objective: Mirror Maze (portal updated with some basic teaser info
- Add an Objectives popup in the stats screen that shows the objectives you've completed on your character
- Some client cleanups and optimizations (much cleaner looking font, better performance)
- Added a Quantity filter to the market place for the Item and Object categories
- If the entire catacombs group is inactive in combat for approximately 6 seconds, the group will automatically be disbanded. This will help against lag spikes that affect the entire network.
- Fixed some bugs regarding objectives being completed/available at the wrong times/levels.
- Shift click now works for transmuting and suffusencing, for both slots. (Requires another client refresh)
- Suffusenced fish stacks can now be larger. Normal fish stacks are calculated from the value of your fishing skill + your cooking skill on the fish stack chart. Suffusenced fish are calculated with Fishing + Cooking + Suffusencing. So, for instance, rank 0 in all three skills will allow you to make a stack of 31 sardines.

+ other small updates and changes

More info on Suffusencing:
- Suffusencing is the magical art of suffusing a magical essence with another item. This is a new artform that has recently been discovered. When done successfully, it adds +enhanced effect to the target item. The follow items can be suffusenced: Fish, Comfreys, Glyphs. Please note that the item must not already have any EE on it. The higher the magical essence (Magical property), the more EE it can give to the item! For instance, a rare essence gives 2x what a magical essence does, and a mystical gives 3x what a magical does, etc. Make sure you match the tier on the essence with the item!

Have fun guys. Much much more to come.

Ladder Slasher and all content and images on these pages are owned by d2jsp and Paul Taulborg. You may not copy or reuse any of the content or images without direct written permission from Paul Taulborg. All rights reserved.