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Ladder Slasher History and Introduction
Ladder Slasher began as a simple text-based RPG written and developed in 1996 by Paul Taulborg. In 2006, it was ported and updated to a new platform for players of todays generation to enjoy. The game takes a simple premise of straight forward hack and slash combat and adds a fierce competition, without the fluff of modern day RPGs. It was released on d2jsp.org on August 26th, 2006, after many weeks of extensive beta testing by many volunteers from the d2jsp forums. In early January 2008, the text-based version of the game was rewritten to be real-time graphically based, which was widely welcomed by loyal slashers, and brought in many new people eager to play this new version. The game is constantly evolving, with updates that give non-stop incentive to continue the quest in different ways and at your own leisure.

The game revolves around a simple premise: Kill monsters, gain experience, level up, attempt a master quest to unlock the next "secret" class, and repeat until the last class. Whoever gets to the top first with the last character class and completes the master quest resets the ladder for all players on that realm (softcore/hardcore), sending them back to level 1, on a starter character. All equipment and proficiencies are retained, but all progress towards the unlocked characters are reset.

Hacking and Slashing
You have two ways to achieve your climb up the main ladder, and each has their own addictive and fast paced styles. In single-player, one has the option of trying to kill as monsters at their own pace, with all the spoils. Multiplayer offers players a chance to team up and slay monsters with ferocity, gaining quick experience while supporting each other. The maze offers the fastest paced action while exploring a winding dungeon, killing monsters and finding treasure. Rewards, and possibly devastating encounters make the maze a constant surprise every time you enter the catacombs.

Additional Challenges
Crafting skills gives players another way to expand their skills and help themselves and others in the various modes of gameplay. With the ability to use the items that you gain through crafts like fishing, cooking, and glyphing, longer treks through the single player and multiplayer modes are possible. This helps to expand the curiosity of players further with the inclusion of proficiencies, a reward for all slashers that spend their time doing tasks. The more you do something, the better your character gets at it. Competition heats up as players compete to be #1 in their chosen proficiencies on the skills ladder. Will you beat out the other players and gain the ultimate bragging rights of being #1?

Free Updates and Enhancements
Ladder Slasher is constantly evolving and growing, often with new updates multiple times a week. Many first decide to try it out while their other games are doing weekly maintenance, or having other down time, only to discover that Ladder Slasher is a complete game unto itself, not merely a diversion. The simple premise and fast paced action has a distinctive hook unlike any other game, with additions keeping it fresh and challenging, even for the most veteran of players.

King of the Ladder
Whether you have never played Ladder Slasher before, or have tried it in the past, give it a try, and see if you can make a name for yourself!

Play Ladder Slasher

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