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Ladder Slasher
Ladder Slasher is a free RPG game that you can play in your web browser, on your desktop or mobile device!

There are currently 63 Players Online Slashing

Bonus Event in progress for 3 days, 10 hours:
28.21% Faster Glyphing
17.65% Faster Suffusencing
+19% Map Final Chest Quality
+11% to Experience Cap
21x Suffusencing Experience
12x Cooking Experience
Oct 7 2008 by njaguar
Just a note, you now have a % chance to gain proficiencies on monsters above your level (you did not before). This includes the Well, and catacombs. I also made a few other optimizations to the code here and there.
Oct 7 2008 by njaguar
Fishing Tiers have been added to the game, and Materials under the guides on the LS page. You will need to refresh your client to see this within. Profiles is updated.
Oct 4 2008 by njaguar

Hello Everyone!

I have created a repository for Ladder Slasher information that should help new and old players alike! Please take some time to browse the current content. Even the most veteran of players will probably learn something new.

You now can choose a screen resolution to play Ladder Slasher in. This is helpful if you have an older or slower computer. Additionally, you can also view all of the Ladders by clicking the View Ladders link. Please note that these are on a one hour cache period.

I am hoping to continue updating these pages in the coming days, as well as adding to their content as the game continues to evolve.

Hope this helps you and your friends that may not have understood Ladder Slasher in the past! Enjoy, and happy slashing!

Thanks to Animage, CTaulborg, _dmx_, Gary, A_U_T_I_S_M, and _Mork_ for their help with this.

--Paul (njaguar)

Ladder Slasher and all content and images on these pages are owned by d2jsp and Paul Taulborg. You may not copy or reuse any of the content or images without direct written permission from Paul Taulborg. All rights reserved.