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Command List
You can perform various commands using the chat box. To open the chat box, press the Enter key, which will open it in the default bottom left of your screen. Please note that most commands generally only work once you are logged in and have selected a character.
/clear/clearClears all messages out of the chat box
/dnd/dndDisallow private messages
/find/find MINLEVEL [MAXLEVEL]Find players within MINLEVEL to MAXLEVEL range. Example usage to find players between level 5 and 10: /find 5 10
/kick/kick PLAYERNAMEKick specified character out of your group or PvP duel. If done within a group, the player will be unable to rejoin the group until it is remade (banned)
/msg/msg PLAYERNAME MESSAGESends a private message to a character
/online/onlineShows the number of online users and catacomb groups, as well as the number of SC/HC players looking for groups.
/quality/quality NUMBERSets the game display quality. Valid settings are 0, 1, 2, or 3 which represent:
0=Low, 1=Medium, 2=Default (High), 3=Very High
Try setting your quality to 0 if you have performance issues with Ladder Slasher.
/reply MESSAGE
Replies to the last person that sent you a /msg
/sound/sound VOLUMEIf volume is not specified, toggles the sound on or off. Otherwise, volume should be a number between 0 and 100. This feature will save between sessions if you have Flash setup to allow saved configurations (default)
/who/who PLAYERNAMESee if a player is online, and display information about them

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