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The Item Vault is a tool used by players to store, organize and easily manage items. The Item Vault also has features which allow for easy and safe item transfers between fellow guild members. To use the Item Vault you must first rent 25 slots. Please see below for further instructions on getting started.

Renting the first 25 slots: In order to use the item vault you must first purchase slots. Slots are rented to the user at the cost of 100 forum gold per 25 slots for 30 days. To purchase your first 25 slots click on the manage tab. At the bottom there will be a section that is titled "Rent 25 Slots for 30 days for 100 FG". Below that there is a box for you to enter your gold password. Enter your gold password and click the "Buy Slots" button directly to the right. Once you have done this successfully you will have 25 available slots in your vault. This page will also show the time remaining on your rental.

Adding more slots to your vault: Go to the manage tab and at the bottom there is a section that will allow you to increase the size of your box by 25 slots. The amount of forum gold you will be charged is depends on how much time you have remaining. It will cost you an additional 100 forum gold per 25 slots. If you have less than 30 days remaining on your rental then the cost will be reduced. To buy more slots type in your gold password and click the button "Buy Slots". This will increase the amount of items your vault can hold by 25. Currently there is a limit of 1000 maximum slots.

Extending the rental time of your vault: Go to the manage tab in the item vault. The section second from the bottom of the page will allow you to extend the life of your rental by 30 days at a time. If you have 25 slots this will cost you 100 forum gold. As your slots increase by 25 so will the cost of the renewal. To increase the rental time of your vault, enter your gold password and click the "Buy Slots" button. Once you have done this the time in the "Days Remaining" section will increase by 30.

Deposit items: To deposit items click on the deposit tab in the item vault. The top box is the category that you would like to select. By clicking on this box a drop down will appear allowing you to select which category you would like to put your item in. If no box is selected then the system will use no category for this deposit. Once you have selected the proper category drag and drop the item you want to deposit on to the second box. Click the "Deposit Item" button and your item will be removed form your inventory and added to your vault.

Withdraw items: Click on the withdraw tab in the item vault. This will bring you to the withdraw page where there are quite a few selections. This works much like the market place in a sense that you can actually do a search for which items you would like to withdrawal. The first box is used for selecting the type of item. Once you have selected an item type you can then use the second box to be more specific as to what sub type of time you would like to withdrawal. The next option will allow you to pick the category you would like to search in. Remember the category was selected by you when you first deposited your item in to the vault. Lastly you may also optionally select an item tier range. Please note that if you don't select any search criteria all items in your vault will be listed. Select the options you would like and then click the "Search" button at the bottom. In the box to the left the items that match your search criteria will appear. The items will remain in your vault until you drag them out of that box and in to your inventory. You may also hold Ctrl and left click an item to quickly remove it from the vault and place it into your inventory.

Transferring items to guild members: Click on the transfer tab in your item vault. On this page you will first be provided with some important information. First you will be told your vault number. This is a number that is unique to you and will be required for others to transfer items to your vault. Second there is the number of guild transfer days remaining. You require guild transfer time to be able to transfer items between vaults within a guild. If you don't have any time remaining go down to the section that will allow you to add some. The section should say "Buy 7 days of guild transfers for 100 FG". Enter your gold password in the box and click the "Buy Days" button. Once you have guild transfer days then you are able to transfer items. To transfer items type in the vault number of the user you would like to receive the item and then drag and drop the desired item in to the box below. Click the "Transfer Item" button and the item will be sent to that user. Your item may not be sent if the destination vault has the "Block incoming item transfers" button selected. This button will allow/disallow other guild members to send them items. Just talk to the user you are sending items to before attempting a transfer to ensure this setting isn't on.
Item Vault FAQ
What happens after the 30 days and I don't pay to renew my subscription?
Your items will be locked in the vault. You may not remove or add to them. Simply pay your subscription and access will be restored to your vault.

How can I reduce the number of rented slots my vault has?
You must let your subscription expire, once this happens you will be charged a renewal fee based upon how many items your vault contains. For example: If you have 50 slots and would like to reduce it to 25, let your vault expire with no more than 25 items in it and then renew. This will lower your subscription cost and slots respectively.

I just bought an item vault on softcore how come it isn't showing up on hardcore?
Hardcore and soft-core vaults do not share the same subscription. You must pay for two different vaults if you would like one on each core.

What happens if I stop paying for my vault for a prolonged period of time?
After one year with no subscription the items in your vault will be deleted.

How do I expand my item vault?
Once on the item vault page select the "Manage" option. At the bottom of the page there is a section that will allow you to expand your slots by 25 for an additional 100fg. *Note: You must have at least 21 days or more remaining on your current subscription before you can expand your vault. If you have less than 21 days remaining, renew your subscription and then you are able to purchase additional slots.

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