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Objectives Overview
Objectives were introduced in version 1.15. You can attempt objectives in the catacombs. Any enabled Objectives will be displayed when the group engages into the catacombs.

Objectives Enabled: Explore the Maze

When you complete an objective, a reward will be given to your character, usually in the form of a stat bonus.
Stat type bonuses will remain with your character until you reroll or attempt a Master Quest, after which they will be reset, and you will be able to complete them again on your next climb.

I will list the Objectives and more info as time progresses, and as the community discovers their secrets for themselves. Have fun, and good luck!
Objective List
NameLevel RangePrerequisiteTaskReward
Explore the Maze1+Explore the entire maze+1 to 2 Item Slots
A Pinch of Evil6+??+1 to 2 Stat Points
Bits and Pieces7+??+2 to 4 Dexterity
Hack the Horde10+Find and defeat a horde of enemies+50 to 100 Max Life
Face the Evil10+A Pinch of Evil??+2 to 4 Stat Points
Stop the Seven Shamans11 - 45??+100 to 200 Max Mana
Treasure Pest13+??+1 to 2 Item Slots, +2 to 5 Stat Points
Soften the Sneaky Shell15+??+7 to 15 Vitality
Ambush!16+??+5 to 10 Dexterity
Slash the Swarm20+Hack the Horde??+100 to 200 Max Life
Four Corners25+Explore the Maze??+1 Ability Point
Elemental Education45+Stop the Seven Shamans??+5 to 10 Intelligence
No Maze No More55+Elemental Education??+7 to 15 Strength
Mirror Maze70+Four Corners??+7 to 15 Guild Points

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