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XML Data Feeds
The following pages can allow you to create dynamic images based upon "live" data. Please do not PM njaguar for assistance with creating dynamic images.

Character Details
* To process wprof and cprof data, it is in a format of: ID,RANK;ID,RANK;... Where ID = id of the type of weapon or charm, and RANK = the level of the rank of the proficiency. If something isn't listed, it is assumed to be rank 0. IDs of the Weapons/Charms are 0 based in a left to right order as displayed in game or profile.

Guild Point List

Ladder Details
* 0 = Softcore, 1 = Hardcore

*These stat pages are updated roughly every 10 to 15 minutes.

Note: When using or fetching this data, if your server will be requesting lots of pages, make sure you have local caching on your side, or you will get automatically blocked for hammering the site.

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