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Monster Abilities
Ladderslasher currently has 100 unique monsters. Below are some of them, with a brief listing of their abilities: (this will be updated as monsters have their abilities enabled and are discovered by players!)

HuntaguarWind Fist Attack (physical + wind)
TonguerusHeal Frenzy
PorcuballMulti-target Thorn Attack (physical)
ElectrowispBlink Evasion
ChargonMulti-target Breath Attack (fire)
AqueousWater condenser (shrink)
PeaktricePartial Paralyze Attack (physical)
DunebugFocused Inner Shell (temporary +heal mastery)
HieramosicklesHoned Edge (temporary +weapon damage boost)
BloodratBlood Transfusion (chance to gain temporary life steal)
BrrraptorMulti-target Breath Attack (ice)
FrispFlittering Flames (chance to replicate when hit)
DoomgliderDouble sickle slice (physical)
GoocidicGooify (blocks all physical damage for a few seconds)
DarkniceMana Drain
GustflyWhirl-wind Gust Attack (party knock-back)
AlbadrossRock Drop Multi-target Back Row Attack (physical)
FrostivilSnowballs (double ice attack)
TwintileIntertwining head strike (double strike)
GigapedeGigagashing (multiple attacks)
MantapreyNeurotoxin Tail Attack (paralysis)
Wind-o-shadeBlink attack (teleport)
BoauroraCharge Attack Push to Back
GlazierIce-sickle Attack (physical + ice)
Necrotic Ice Breath (multi-target)
MoltengrabbaFire Inside (temporary +fire mastery)
SunwispPlasma Exchange (fire counter attack)
FreaverFreezing Scythe Strike (physical) (slow)
ClawgelMulti-target Heal
FoglimeMistical Fog (temporary +physical defense party buff)
TorrentileTorrential Twisters (multi-shot wind attack)
MagatonHeal Twin, Critaboost (temporary +critical strike)
LavoulderFire Fist Attack (physical + fire)
TornaliskWind Balls (multi-shot wind attack)
PawfulgorePaws of Fury (temporary +quick draw)
BloodbunnyReactive regenerative heal
ElectangleTangling tentacle evasion (position swap)
Call For Help when injured (random)
SinseericalElemental Evasion (blocks all magical damage for a few seconds)
NeedlebackThorn counter-attack when physically hit
ShocktoothElectric Bite (physical + lightning)
RepelicanElectrical Conduit (always reflects lightning damage taken with a lightning attack)
HornicornFront-row trample attack (physical)
Rear-ender (back kick to back row)
CamouslaugeSplitting Personality (chance to split into a duplicate when hit)
UniscorchusInferno Eyes (temporary +fire mastery)
GlygerHealing Hands (group heal)
FlorawormTendril Pull to Front Bite Attack
SeevilIllusory Magic Mirror (temporary +magical defense party buff)
SlugsliderCall For Help (slugslider)
FizzypupFast Fire (double fire attack)
TrunkillerFront Row Multi-target Swipe Attack (physical)
GigabeeSummon Swarm (call for help, 2x gigabee)

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