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The marketplace is where players go to buy and sell the items they find or create in Ladder Slasher. All items in the marketplace were put there by another player. You can navigate the various options of the Marketplace by clicking the three buttons on the top, Buy, Selling, and Transfer. The market can also be used to transfer items between your characters.

All items bought or sold in Ladder Slasher make use of d2jsp Forum Gold. In order to buy an item, you must first have enough Gold to purchase it. You can see how much gold you have by looking at the Gold: display in the top right of your screen. Refer to the Gold portion of this page for more information about gold.

Searching: When you first enter the Marketplace, you will be in Search mode. You can enter in various criteria to narrow your search results, as you desire. The results are limited to the first 50 items within your parameters specified.

When you click the Search button, the search will perform, and any items found will display in the left section of the window. You can hover your mouse over an item to view the stats, and see how much it costs by looking at the number located to the right of the item name in the list. Items in red are items that you cannot equip.

Buying: To buy an item, either control click the item, or drag it to the box at the bottom of the screen. This will populate the Cost field. If you have a Gold Password, enter it now. When you are ready to purchase the item, click the Buy Item button. Remember, you must have enough Gold to purchase the item. If the purchase is successful, the item will appear in your inventory, and the cost of the item will be deducted from your Gold.

Selling: To sell an item, drag the item you wish to sell from your inventory onto the same item box where the Buy Item appeared. This will change the box to display Sell Item. Set the cost you wish to sell it for, but remember, if you set it too high, other players might not buy your item! Always check the going rates of items before setting a price too high. Next, if you have a Gold Password, enter it now. Finally, click the Sell Item button. When you do this, it will populate the Seller Fee box. This is the amount of fee that will be deducted from your cost if the item sells. If the cost of your item is over 20 Gold, it will deduce the fee when you list the item, otherwise it will deduct the fee when the item sells. When an item sells, the gold will be added to your account. If your item does not sell, it will be returned to your inventory after 5 days. No fees will be refunded. Click Confirm Fee and Sell to list your item. You may have a maximum of 10 items on the market per character. The minimum you may sell an item for is 1 gold.

Pending Items For Sale: To view items you currently have for sale, click the Selling button. This will display a list of the items you currently have for sale in the left section of the screen. The cost you put the item up for is listed next to the item. You can remove the item from the market, directly delete the item, or edit the item price. To remove it from the market, drag it to your inventory window. To delete it, drag it to the trashcan. To edit the price, drag it to the item box described above, set a new cost, then click Edit Item. You can only decrease the cost of an item, and the minimum cost is 1 gold.

Transferring: To transfer items to another character, click the Transfer button. A list of your characters will be displayed in the left area. Select the character you wish to transfer to, then drag the item to the item box in the bottom right. Click Transfer Item to transfer that item to the character you selected. Please note that the character must have room in their inventory to accept the item. Also note that items the player has on the market counts against their inventory slots! Transferring items is free, and can be done at any time you desire. It is a direct process, and the items do not actually appear on the marketplace at all.
Proficiencies are a passive addition to the enhanced effect given to the item or skill it represents. Additions to proficiency levels are represented as ranks. You gain progress for your proficiency by using the given item or skill. For example, if you use a sword, you will work towards improving your sword proficiency. If you successfully fish, you will gain progress towards your fishing proficiency.

Deaths reflect negatively on all of your weapon and charm proficiencies and will lose a percentage of your accumulated progress if you die. With crafting proficiencies, you are unable to lose any percentage for failing to complete a certain crafting task, or by death.
Strength: Increases the base damage and *critical hit chance for melee weapons by the ratio for that particular weapon.
Dexterity: Increases the base damage and *critical hit chance for melee weapons by the ratio for that particular weapon.
Vitality: Increases the physical defense for armor. For every 25 stat points you have in vitality, you gain +1 to Life Regen. Every Level Up you will gain an amount of life equal to your base vitality.
Intelligence: Increases the magical defense for armor and base effect for charms. For every 25 stat points you have in intelligence, you gain +1 Mana Regen. Every Level Up you will gain an amount of mana equal to your base intelligence.

* Critical hits are subjected to a diminishing return ratio for base stats.
The Inventory is where all items found, bought, welled, or transferred appear. Items gained from crafting also appear here in their own section of the inventory window at the bottom. The inventory holds 8 equipment standard, as well as up to 16 items, all at once. The amount of equipment able to be held can be increased by wearing gear with the stat Extra Item Slots. You are unable to transfer equipment to any character with a full inventory, including what is currently listed for sale in the marketplace. The top portion of the inventory window represents your equipped items, the middle section is your equipment, and the bottom is reserved for usable items and objects.

To equip a piece of equipment, drag and drop it onto the appropriate equipment slot in the top of the window. Alternately, you can control-click the piece of equipment to quick equip it. You cannot remove a piece of equipment once it is equipped without swapping it out for something else. You can remove accessory charms, however, provided you have another inventory slot available.

Hovering over an item will display it's detailed stats. Item names appearing in red are items that you cannot equip or use.

To drop an item, drag it to the Trashcan icon located at the bottom left of your inventory. Any item that is dropped cannot be recovered. There is no warning or prompt before dropping an item.
Quick Item Slots
Quick Item Slots are another way you can quickly access usable items. You can only place Items into the bar, not equipment.

To set an item into a quick slot, simply drag it from your inventory onto one of the slots.

To use an item in your quick item slots, either control-click the item, or press the corresponding number on the box.

The items placed here do not move out of your inventory. This is only a quick location to use them, without requiring the inventory to be open. Additionally, if you Log Out, the Quick Item Slots are reset. No items are lost, just their references in the Quick Item Slot bar.
Accessory Slot
The Accessory Charm is an additional Equipment slot reserved for a second charm. The Accessory slot however does not reflect stats that are on that charm, with exception to Enhanced Effect. Efficiency is reduced by 25% of the total displayed. This charm is used just like the main charm slot and is not reflected by your total inventory space restrictions like the rest of your equipment. When used in Catacombs, the mana usage is also reduced by 25%.
In the inventory, it is abbreviated as Acc. Charm
The Catacombs is a set of tombs where you must face evil monsters to protect the realm and strengthen your character. You can explore this area solo or in a group of up to 5 players.

The player also has a option to make the game Guild only, (this increases experience and drop rates, but only allows members of your guild to join).

You and your party will attempt to adventure and explore a winding twisting maze with many surprises along the way. Anything can happen here from a full room of 9 monsters jumping you, to unveiling a treasure chest full of goodies, to falling through a trap door to a harder floor of the catacombs. There are also rooms that may heal some of your life and mana.

All items in the game can be found in the catacombs.
The Shrine is a sacred and holy place, shining down malevolent forces on those who choose to pray within its walls. The Shrine only accepts magical and above equipment of any tier. In return a minimum of 5% of your life and 10% of your mana will be returned to you for the sacrifice of your item. The better the item, the more healing that will be bestowed upon you.

Note: You can only sacrifice weapons, armor, charms, or glyphs.
To create a group, choose the options you wish from below the Create Group button, then click Create Group.

When you join a group, or players join yours, your group window will start to fill with Players, as displayed to the left.
The information displayed is as follows: Position, Class, Player Name, Life Bar, Mana Bar
Position is indicated as F = Front, M = Middle, B = Back. Classes are the first two letter abbreviation of the class the Player is.

If you are the Group Leader, you will see an Engage button in the bottom right. When you are ready to start into the Catacombs, click this button. Depending on the mode type, and luck, you may get into a fight right away, or you may see a maze. If you see a small icon with lines on your screen, use the arrow keys to navigate the maze. After a fight has completed, click the Engage button again when you are ready to either start the next wave of monsters, or continue exploring the maze. If you wish to leave the group, you can click the Leave button. You can also use the WASD keys to navigate the maze, and the keyboard shortcut `g` instead of clicking the Engage button.

To cast a spell on another player in the group, simply select the charm you wish to cast, then click their Life Bar in the group window. Additionally, you can drop usable items onto their Life Bar to use an Item on them, in between fights.

To change your position within the group, click the Front, Middle or Back button. The position you are in relative to other players in the group reflects the probability that you will be attacked by the monsters. The people in front have a higher chance to be targeted, and conversely, those in the back have the least chance to be targeted.
Ladder Slasher makes use of d2jsp Forum Gold (FG). All sales and purchases in Ladder Slasher use the FG on your account. You can view your gold logs by clicking Forum Gold link at the top right side of the screen.

You can purchase Forum Gold here: Purchase More Forum Gold

You can read more about Forum Gold here: Forum Gold FAQ
Master Quest
When your character reaches level 71, it is eligible to attempt the Master Quest.

If you successfully complete the Master Quest, you will unlock the next secret character and go back to level 1. If you fail, you must start back at level 1, and try again. If you are in a Guild, you and your Guild will receive Guild Points for your attempt. Refer to the Classes page for how many guild points are rewarded. If your character is Hardcore, you will receive double the listed amount of Guild Points for a pass or fail.

You will not lose any items or proficiencies by attempting the Master Quest.
I get Connection Failed when attempting to login to Ladder Slasher
Make sure port 2083 outbound is open on your firewall/router. This port is required to connect to the game server.

I get incorrect version errors when I try to login. How to I get the new version of Ladder Slasher?
This depends on your browser, but in most cases, simply pressing F5 to reload the page will work.
If this does not work, you will need to go into your settings and Clear your Cache.

What is a guild?
Please refer to the d2jsp Guild List and Guild FAQ for more information about guilds.

What are guild points, and how do I get them?
Guild points are points achieved through Master Quest completions, or from certain items/rewards in Ladder Slasher. You must be in a Guild to receive Guild Points. Guild Points are a ranking statistic for Guilds. Guilds are constantly competing to be #1 in the Guild List.

What happens when someone resets the ladder?
All characters on that core (softcore/hardcore) will be reset back to no class (forced reroll), and all Ladder Pass Points are reset. This means all characters must start over at level 1 with the basic starter classes. All proficiencies and items are retained on all of your characters, only the class and level/experience is reset.
Pool of Darkness
This forbidding pool may be found by navigating the dark and unexplored paths of the catacombs. Dropping a plain white item into the pool will spawn a more powerful monster than the ordinary ones you come across. Slaying such a monster will return your item with one or more magical stats on it along with a chance for additional item drops.

Fishermen may also find this pool to be a prime location to seek better fish than can be found in a typical fishing pond.

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