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Known Issues
  • Chat text in Chat Logs popup is not selectable.
  • Numerous monsters have small gradient rendering issues. Fix is to change the fill type to a known type in each svg.
  • Every image in game has much thinner and lighter outlines. This is not a bug, just a difference in rendering of the images. It may be addressed as needed. This requires manual touch-ups of each affected image, as needed. If there is a particular image that this adversely affects, please let me know and I'll fix it up. Fixed: Staff, Male Fighter.
  • Refreshing will sometimes crash the browser tab. Probably related to the WebSocket not being closed "properly", but not certain.
  • Master Quest torches do not animate. Browsers don't support animated SVGs, will need to do this manually via JS.
  • MQ seems to lag and be laggy after passing through the first door. Unknown why at this point.
  • Need to hide gold password, etc on Market Transfer tab.
  • Selecting new class for a character will sometimes display armor/weapon that it does not have equipped.
  • Sounds do not always play, and for some stop after a certain period of gameplay. Note: Sounds will not work on mobile, all known mobile browsers disable script activated sounds.
  • Stacking stops working sometimes. Need to rewrite stacking routines to be more robust, or move to server side.

Currently no known issues.

  • Adding stat points is very difficult on mobile, needs to be fixed/addressed in some manner. Entire stats screen probably needs a redesign.
  • Logout button overlaps other character buttons on iphone screen size (418px).
  • Some item description box comparisons are too wide for the screen. Add max-width, and some form of "sometimes nowrap" ?
  • Long-press over most objects will result in a popup menu. Is only currently blocked on certain things, like items, and monsters.
  • Damage/monsters will sometimes display outside the screen, to the bottom or left/right.
  • When selecting an attack type by touching the top bar, it will also select the item (glow), though it should not have any other noticeable effect.
  • Top menu popdowns appear behind popup windows.
  • Top bar tooltips don't disappear on iphone (eg, Q, E, R item taps) (unconfirmed)
  • You cannot view abilities in stats popup without using a point to select one, not sure what the solution to this will be.
  • You cannot assign abilities to keyboard shortcuts on mobile devices, even with attached keyboards. (Abilities section, like stats, needs an overhaul, probably broken into tabs, and then the UI redone from scratch)
  • Monsters on iphone (418px) will probably overlap. Make monsters scaled to viewport, to fix issues with smaller mobile space, then retest shrinking monsters, and wells, etc, to make sure they resize accordingly.
  • Touching an item onto the well to drop it in also opens the fishing window.
  • Character select screen is difficult to scroll on iphone without selecting a character inadvertently.

Known issues that may or may not be changed/fixed in this release (or ever):
  • PvP - (not started, will be re-added in a future update).
  • Show edit group fields (same as create) if group leader, with Edit button. Make sure server still supports functionality (will be added to a future version).
  • Some windows will change position based upon tab (market/vault).
  • Equipment/Items mini windows move and resize inventory.
  • Landscape mode in mobile is not currently supported! It likely won’t be anywhere in the near future.
  • Touch screen control with IE is not ideal, or very functional. If you are using a desktop machine with touch screen, you will need to use Chrome (tested) at this time. Firefox may also work, but untested. This will possibly be fixed in the future.
  • Damage display location does not deviate if monster size changes. Origins are also static to the top left corner of all creatures. On my "long term will maybe fix if I can come up with a decent solution" list.
  • Mob magic/physical defense bubbles are statically sized, and do not position or resize based upon the monster (whether it’s small or big).
  • If a window is behind another window and you touch a text field on that window, it will bring the window to the front and lose focus on the text field.

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