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The Devil's Kitchen is where you should bring your well-fought for fish, to get the most use out of them. Cooking your fish can have a wide variety of effects on the amount of restoration it provides, depending on how well you cook the fish.

To cook your fish you will want to drag your choice from your inventory into the slot provided. You are only allowed to cook raw fish that you have bought from the marketplace or caught yourself.

The top bar represents the temperature gauge, something you dont want to max out as your fish will burn if this bar reaches the full capacity. The lower bar represents the fish's cooked level which you want to get as high as possible.

Sometimes you will see a "Flame!" overtake your fish, and you will want to counter that using the Flame Counter button. By continuously clicking your fish's bar and the Flame Counter button, you will completely cook your fish. Failure to keep the temperature down will result in a burnt fish, who's life or mana recovery properties will be lowered. Click the stop cooking button if the temperature gets too high. It's better to not finish cooking your food, rather than burn it!

A 100% cooked fish will restore twice the amount it had raw. Once you have the hang of cooking, you'll never leave a fish raw again!
The Glyphing Chamber is one of the most challenging but immensely rewarding crafting skills. By taking gear with a magical property, you are able to attempt to create a Glyph out of the original equipment. This item can be used any time outside of combat or skilling and the effects transcend into battle, giving the benefits from the original item. The effects of a Glyph last for a time period indicated on the item.

When you enter the Glyphing Chamber, you will be prompted to drag the item you wish to glyph into the box provided. A brief description of the difficulty will appear, letting you know if you should attempt to glyph that item or not.

Once you begin glyphing the item, you will see 3 buttons that allow you to raise your progress bar, turning your equipment into a Glyph. The available buttons used in Glyphing are: Transfuse, Purge, and Inscribe. These three words will appear randomly, and your task is to click the corresponding button as soon as you see the word. If you are too slow or click the wrong button, you will disrupt the stability of the magic on the item. Too many failures will result in your attempt failing, and the item will be lost. Additionally, if the attempt is aborted, the item will also be lost.

The more difficult an item is to Glyph in relation to your proficiency in Glyphing, the more often you will not be sure which option to choose. This is represented by a ? ? ? that will appear as the text instead of one of the 3 words. When this happens, your only choice is to try and choose whatever you feel the best option is.

When the progress bar becomes full, the glyphing will succeed, and you will receive the Glyph item.
You can use the transmutation box to extract Magical (or higher) Essence from magical+ items. Once you get essence, you can combine it with another magical+ item of the same tier to reroll that item.

- When you extract the Essence from an item, you have a chance to get from magical to the magical level of the item. For instance, if you extract an Angelic item, you have a chance to get Magical, Rare, Mystical, or Angelic Essence from that item.

- When you combine Essence with an item, it's important to try and match the magical of the item with the essence for optimal effect. If you combine an Angelic item with an Angelic Essence, you are almost guarenteed to get a rerolled Angelic item. If you combine a Magical Item with an Angelic Essence, you have a chance to get a Magical, Rare, Mystical, or Angelic rerolled item.

More info to come...
The Fishing Pond is the easiest and most fun source of life and mana recovery items. These fish can be used at any time outside of combat and performing a skill. If you are fortunate enough to find a fishing pole, you may equip it at the first fishing screen. Free loaner rods are provided for you regardless if you choose to use your own rod. Be careful though, as if the fish wins the struggle to be captured, your rod may break!

To reel in a fish, click the Reel button. When the word "Snag!" appears, the fish has twisted your line and you need to counter this by hitting the Snag Counter button below its life bar. If not, the fish will put extra tension on your rod and you risk losing your prize, and possibly your rod.

When the fish's Life Bar is empty, the fish will appear as an item below the life bar.

Fishing Stacks: Click Here to Show the Fish Stacking Table

Suffusencing is the magical art of suffusing a magical essence with another item. This is a new artform that has recently been discovered. When done successfully, it adds +enhanced effect to the target item.
The following items can be suffusenced: Fish, Comfreys, Glyphs
* The item must not already have any EE on it.
* The item must be the same tier as the essence.

More details to come..

Enhanced Effect Gain Table: Click Here to Show the Enhanced Effect Gain Table

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