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Ladder Slasher
Ladder Slasher is a free RPG game that you can play in your web browser, on your desktop or mobile device!

There are currently 66 Players Online Slashing

Bonus Event in progress for 2 days, 12 hours:
+80% More Treasure Chests
2x More Evil Wells
35.14% Faster Suffusencing
+50% Maximum Room Size
+150% Warm Light Effectiveness
61.29% Faster Glyphing
No Trapdoors
Top 3 Softcore Players
Level: 10
Level: 2
Level: 1
Top 3 Hardcore Players
Level: 72
Level: 22
Level: 4
Jan 11 2023 by Kevin
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 39!
Dec 12 2022 by njaguar
Good evening,

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.32.2.

With this new release of 1.32.2 comes substantial updates to the mobile gameplay experience. Some of the updates will also flow through to the desktop version. Among the mobile updates with this release come quite a few bug fixes. Please see a full list of all the updates and bug fixes below.

  • You can now fail an objective by leaving the game instead of completing the objective. This will make it unspawnable until you Master Quest or Reroll. (Jul 24 2021)
  • Characters are now saved for up to 6 hours after a disconnect (Jul 25 2021)
  • Group popup notification window should no longer pop up on top of the skill window if actively doing a skill (Jul 28 2021)
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred a short time after each Ladder Reset (Sep 9 2021)
  • Fixed a crash bug introduced by the new objective failing update above (Nov 7 2021)
  • No Maze No More can now spawn for solo players again (Nov 7 2021)
  • No Maze No More can can now spawn sooner and easier (Nov 7 2021)
  • Fixed a rare core crash bug (Jul 17 2022)
  • Fixed mobile issue on Ladder Slasher where a long hold makes the save image context menu popup, this no longer happens (Nov 24 2022)
  • Added a vault icon to the top header bar for mobile to have in dungeon access to the vault (Dec 6 2022)
  • Updated the Info section Hacking and Slashing to remove obsolete information, and more accurately describe the current gameplay mechanics. (Dec 7 2022)
  • UI overhaul to improve mobile functionality and more accurate CSS styling (release Dec 12 2022)
  • Fixed top bar showing up during master quest (Dec 12 2022)
  • Fixed abilities not showing in red when selected on desktop (Dec 12 2022)
  • Fixed Abilities overlaying inventory on mobile (Dec 13 2022)
  • Fixed a bug where logging out with the inventory open would not show the character select screen (caused by the previous above fix) (Dec 13 2022)
  • Fixed Go to Town button to make it slightly taller (Dec 13 2022)

Please let us know if you encounter any issues or bugs with this release and we will get them addressed ASAP.

There are plans to do more mobile updates in the future, with some of these pending:
- More improvements to items (larger icons, etc)
- Better interface for adding stat points
- Various tweaks and fixes of display issues that have been present for a long time

Thanks and enjoy!
Oct 24 2022 by Kevin
Congrats to for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to softcore season 38!

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